Promotional Products in Our Daily Lives

kyz-what'sinmybagToday, rather than focusing on an unusual event or theme, I’d like to walk you through my ordinary, run-of-the-mill Saturday and all of the ways that products benefited my everyday life. These items can be easily customized to advertise your brand, exposing your customers or employees to your company’s logo or message hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of times a year. Just think: I am only one person… If I managed to incorporate this many normal items into my daily activities, your impact on an entire workforce or client base could be huge!

In the morning, I woke to the incessant buzzing of my alarm clock and rolled out of bed. I stumbled to the bathroom, took my glasses out of their case, and reached for my toothbrush. Armed with minty fresh breath, I decided to start my day, which involved cooking breakfast, going grocery shopping, and hitting the pool before a night out with my friends.

I do not possess outstanding culinary prowess, but I have been trying to master some of the basics- scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and biscuits. Two classic promotional kitchen utensils that I made use of would look great imprinted with your logo: a timer and oven mitt are kitchen staples that should be found in every household.

After chowing down and then cleaning up the mess in my kitchen, I grabbed my car keys and raced out the door. Anybody who knows me personally has seen my unwieldy collection of key chains– from key chain flashlights to carabiners, I have them all. Key chains make a fantastic gift for employees or clients, as we all need our car or house keys on our person at all times.

My first stop was the grocery store, and I had come prepared with a handful of non woven bags. These bags get lots of mileage and serve to promote your company’s environmentally sound business practices to observers.

Next, I dropped off my groceries at home, and took a quick break to refuel before gathering my supplies for the pool. I threw promotional beach items like sunscreen, a beach towel, and a radio into my beach bag and claimed my spot in the sunshine. Any outing to the pool would be incomplete without these products, which makes them ideal options for displaying information about your brand. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and interests so can’t help but provide high exposure for your business.

After lounging poolside for much of the afternoon, I reluctantly came inside to prepare for my night out. I took my cell phone out of its holder and called a few friends to meet up for dinner. I made sure to take my camera out of its desktop charging station so I could document our shenanigans to laugh about later!

There is no way I could include every single product that was involved in making my day run smoothly, but that just proves my initial claim to be true: the opportunities are endless for your brand to make a lasting impression through the use of promotional items. What better way to get your company noticed than by making the lives of your employees and customers easier?

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