Promotional Products Inspired by HGTV’s Color of the Month – Lime Edition

Flexi Promotional RulerHGTV features an inspiring color on their blog every month, along with ideas and suggestions about how readers can incorporate the Color of the Month into their design and decor. Since I’m an avid HGTV fan (and promotional products lover of course), I thought it would be fun to apply their creativity to the world of advertising specialty items. In accordance with this month’s color, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite lime products and discussed why I think their greenish hue will make a great impression for your brand.

As the folks at HGTV mention, lime is the perfect color for summer. It’s bold, it’s refreshing, and it’s often associated with positive memories. As a result, lime provides an unexpected twist to a classic product, such as the Flexi Promotional Ruler.

With a new school year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to distribute practical promotional products for the classroom. Priced at under $1 per item, the Flexi Promotional Ruler is an affordable giveaway that makes learning fun. Imprinting a white logo on the bright green hue will create an eye-catching item that really pops!Promotional journals are also great products for fall. In addition to using these items for back-to-school Altogether Promotional Journal Bookgiveaways, consider distributing them at trade shoes, conferences, or employee orientation programs where recipients are likely to take notes. Taking your company image and brand guidelines into account, you can choose whether to use lime as the product’s primary color or as a bold accent color. Either way, adding a lime green hue to your promotional journals adds energy and allows recipients to relive memories of summer, even when they’re stuck inside.

The Save-a-Bottle Custom Sports Bottle is another lime colored product that recipients can use year-round. Shaped like a disposable plastic water bottle, this reusable, BPA-free custom sports bottle keeps recipients hydrated wherever they go. It encourages them to take Eco-friendly actions, too, giving you all the more reason to customize it with a bold shade of green.

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