Promotional Products Keep Vacationers Cool

Weaving my way through the Chicago airport last night, I couldn’t help but notice the many promotional products around me. Airport employees dressed in TSA branded logo apparel shepherded passengers through security lines. Travelers wheeled rolling bags imprinted with company logos while carrying custom plastic bags filled to the brim with local goodies and souvenirs. I could end this blog post right here and leave you with a lesson about the omnipresence of promotional products but I want to highlight the branded item that made my day, as a nervous traveler returning home after a long weekend.

I fell asleep on the plane and was still a little groggy as I touched down in Atlanta, navigated my way to baggage claim, and took a shuttle to get my car from one of the private lots about a mile from the airport. Everything went smoothly, except for the fact that I was incredibly thirsty and impatient to get home for a refreshing glass of water (after all, I was asleep when the beverage cart came around). Then, as I paid for my parking, the attendant offered me a choice of promotional beverages! Although not as stylish as the sleek glass drinkware that Kim mentioned on Friday, imprinted bottled water is a cost-efficient and practical way to keep both travelers- and your brand- fresh and cool.

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