Promotional Race Goodies

This past weekend, my husband and I ran a local 5K – the Vinings Downhill (you might have read about it in last week’s Weekend Guide.)

Running Shoes

(Yes, those are really my feet schrift herunterladen mac. It’s amazing what pictures you’ll find on your phone.)

Honestly, the race didn’t go as well as I’d planned csv herunterladen. For a course that’s advertised as downhill, there seemed to be plenty of uphill. Couple that with the fact that I haven’t been running much this summer and, well, my time wasn’t what I wanted alle links von einer seite downloaden.

I digress.

I’ve run a lot of races. The majority of them have some sort of goodie bag at the end. In almost all cases, runners receive a promotional t-shirt, but most races give you other promotional products as well you can netflix tv series on your laptop. Off the top of my head, I know I’ve received the following:

Cinch pack
Measuring spoon
• Frisbee

Crossing the finish line is the best part of the race, but seeing what sort of products you receive after is the icing on the cake wie viel kann man bei netflixen. And with all that icing, it’s a good thing I have a new toothbrush.

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