Say Anything… with Customized Pens

Here I go again on another 80’s tangent. I can’t help it, I am stuck in the 80’s and I am not afraid to say it. What really got me thinking about this though was when I visited my parents’ house a couple weeks back and I got caught up in the movie “Say Anything”. I hadn’t actually ever really seen the entire movie so I had to watch it, especially since I didn’t have anything better to do. For those of you not familiar with the movie either, the premise is basically about 2 teenage students who have just graduated from High School. The male lead, Lloyd Dobler(played by John Cusack) has had his eyes on Diane Court all throughout High School and he plans to ask her out and make her his girlfriend before she goes away to College. Lloyd’s plan actually begins to work, after he invites her to a house party, they start spending more and more time together thereafter. The only problem is as they become closer, Diane’s father becomes more worried that his daughter is getting too involved and wants her to break up with him.

One pretty interesting part of the movie that somewhat oddly relates to Pinnacle was the scene in which Diane has a discussion with her father about breaking up with Lloyd and her father says to her- “Give him a pen”. I mean that is harsh, but no matter who you are, what occupation you have, you always need a pen. That is where we come in, we have just about any price range and quality pen you can think of, starting with the most basic BIC Clic Stic ® or a mid-range such as the Geneva Twist or something higher end like a Waterford ® Arcadia ™ Ballpoint Pen. By the way, Lloyd did get a customized pens, but you will have to watch the movie to see what happens next…

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