September 11th: National Day of Service and Remembrance


Artwork from Art for Heart, an exhibition of paintings by nearly 200 children, from toddlers to teenagers, who lost loved ones in the attacks on New York City's World Trade Center.

On September 11, 2001, a terrible tragedy occurred in our nation. The 9/11 series of attacks left thousands of innocent victims and mass destruction in its wake. The aftermath of this horrible disaster affected not only the thousands of people directly involved in the attacks, but billions more, as family members and loved ones of the victims, the American population, and even the rest of the world continue to grieve.

Despite the immense pain and hurt inflicted on the American public, some citizens have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the lives lost were not in vain. This year marks the first federally recognized National Day of Service and Remembrance, a holiday which materialized in response to the perseverance and efforts of the 9/11 community and Congress, as well as thousands of organizations and support groups around the country.

The 9/11 non-profit organization called MyGoodDeed spearheaded the campaign to make this significant date in history a national day of remembrance. The organization’s website,, was launched with the goal of “rekindling the spirit of unity that swept the nation in the wake of the attacks,” says cofounder David Paine. After losing a loved one in the 9/11 attacks, Paine and his friend Jay Winuk established the organization to remember the incredible feats and sacrifices made by so many Americans in the face of tragedy.

Yes, there are countless ways that you can use promotional products as part of non-profit and philanthropic campaigns year round, but why not take action today to make a difference in the world around you? From picking up trash around your office, to volunteering at a local food bank or homeless shelter, take it upon yourself to be a good Samaritan and dedicate a few minutes of your time to give back to our country in return for all the opportunities that it has made possible for you.

I stumbled across the 9/11 Day widget at It is a clever (and easy!) way to share and obtain ideas about how to recognize the National Day of Service and Remembrance, and I hope that you, each and every one of our loyal blog readers, decide to respect and honor the sentiments of this national holiday in your own unique and special way.

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