“Sex and the City 2” Promotional Products: Approved by Carrie & Friends

Guilty as charged: I am a long-time fan of “Sex and the City.” I’ve seen almost every episode of the show, went to the premiere of the movie, and look forward to seeing the movie’s sequel. With young girls now participating in Facebook polls to determine “Which ‘Sex and the City’ Character Are You?,” the series has clearly become one of the cultural phenomena of this generation.

But, as many critics have been saying, is it time for the franchise to graciously bow out before it begins to go stale? Promotional products from brand name laptops to luxury vodka are rumored to dominate the two and a half hour film and you can find merchandise inspired by (and in some cases, featured in!) the movie in stores near you.

Clever product tie-ins scattered throughout the latest flick will no doubt lead to high profitability for all parties involved, namely the producers of the film and the brands insightful enough to leverage the “Sex and the City” franchise in cobranding efforts.

SJP (or Sarah Jessica Parker, for those of you still unversed in the lingo of die-hard “Sex and the City” fans) and her three closest friends endorse numerous products throughout “Sex and the City 2”, including, but not limited to: Skyy vodka, HP laptops, the Halston Heritage clothing line, Lipton Sparkling Green Tea, and even Mercedes-Benz vehicles! Check out the short promo clip at the top of this post showcasing the sleek and sophisticated Mercedes-Benz automobiles chosen by the characters in the movie.

So what’s your take? Will you be reserving your ticket for tomorrow’s nationwide opening of “Sex and the City 2?” Or are you already tired of seeing SJP’s face plastered on billboards in your city and just want the hype related to the movie’s release to die down already?

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