Sick of the Royal Wedding Hullaballoo? These Custom Plastic Bags are for You.

The royal wedding is this Friday! Check our blog for daily updates featuring our favorite promotional products that celebrate the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

If all this talk of Will and Kate makes you sick, then boy do I have the perfect custom plastic bags for you! Artist Lydia Leith recently debuted her Royal Wedding Sick Bags, which are screen printed by hand with an image of the royal couple, a crown, and the clever marketing phrase, “throne up.” Purchasers can order these custom plastic bags in traditional blue and red, or opt for the luxury edition that features one bag in royal purple and another in gold. Be warned, however, that Leith considers the deluxe purple and gold sick bags “too posh to use.”

While spending a royal fortune on products to commemorate Will and Kate’s wedding day seems like a joke to many, in all seriousness, custom plastic bags are a great way to promote an organization. One idea is to distribute these items at trade shows. Recipients will likely use your custom plastic bags to carry the brochures and business cards from other vendors – increasing your brand visibility as a result. Another effective way to use promotional bags is to giving them out when customers purchase hard goods or take home leftover food from a restaurant.

Just steer clear of encouraging recipients to throw up in an item imprinted with your logo.

Sarah Fell
Content Manager

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