splatter cinema presents rosemary’s baby & advertising products for non-profits

splatter-cinema-logoLast night I had the pleasure of viewing Rosemary’s Baby at the Plaza Theater here in Atlanta. I had never before seen Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror classic, and Splatter Cinema sufficiently hyped the movie beforehand with “authentic recreations of some of the most graphic scenes of the film” right in the theater lobby. Anybody know where I can find the picture of me posed with a bloody babydoll next to a cloaked man wielding a knife? Thanks.

The lobby also held a table of branded t-shirts, coozies, and handmade horrific handbags. This kind of branded merch and other advertising products for non-profits have a dual effect: both spreading awareness about the brand and raising money to support the organization.

I think that key to the swag’s ability to sell was its high-quality, unique imprints. The can coozies, for example, bore imprints of a variety of spooky monster heads. At around 50 cents a piece, coozies won’t force you to make a huge proposal to the board of directors, but with a desirable, artistic imprint you can sell them to fans for much more and make a profit to support programs and salaries.

I’ll leave you with the trailer for Rosemary’s Baby. I’ve got my eye on Splatter Cinema’s Flickr account and will post aforementioned disturbing photo as soon as I can.

-Acree Graham
Marketing Coordinator

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