Staying Safe on the Road with Emergency Automotive Products

As Sarah mentioned in her blog post Friday, the highways are crawling with bad drivers. With the ever present risk of an accident lingering over frequent commuters like myself, it is important to be prepared in case of emergency.

While I do my best to stay safe while I’m on the road, this weekend my husband once again reminded me about the importance of keeping emergency automotive products in my car at all times.

He, a car enthusiast and owner of a unique ‘74 Cadillac, decided to take his baby out for a spin during the lazy Saturday afternoon. Only there was one problem. Being that the motor is huge and he doesn’t get out and about in the Caddy as often as he’d like, the engine sometimes needs a little encouragement in the form of an electric jolt.

So as he dug around in his stash of automotive equipment for the jumper cables, he gave me a refresher on how important it is to keep a set of jumper cables in your car at all times. “Remember when I needed them at work?” he says, launching into a retelling of the Safety First blog I posted nearly a year ago. I assured him I remember as he finds the jumper cables and attaches them to the battery.

The point of my story? We are rapidly approaching the heart of road trip season.

So before you or your loved ones hit the wide open road, give your vehicle a quick inspection. Make sure you’re stocked with emergency blankets, jumper cables and a trusty flashlight. And if you have one, make sure to include your promotional roadside emergency car kit. You really shouldn’t leave home without it.

Happy Traveling!

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