Protect Your Cell Phone the Stylish Way

Whether it’s new apps that are available, a better camera or just the appeal of having a new toy, getting a new phone is always fun. When I got my new iPhone the other day, my first order of business was to find great accessories for it.

In this day and age, finding the perfect cell phone case is kind of like finding the perfect bag or sunglasses. The right accessories will make any outfit complete.

My search came to an end when I found the BUILT Neoprene Sleeve. This was exactly what I was looking for. These sleeves are durable (made out of neoprene, the same material as wetsuits!), so your phone stays scratch and ding free and best of all, they are very stylish.

BUILT Neoprene Sleeve

The cases come in three colorful options – fireball, raindrop and graphite grid – and you can have your logo imprinted on either side. I know that if I saw a company giving them away at a tradeshow or event, I would definitely pick one up!

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