Super Fly Custom T-shirt lets you wear your inbox on your sleeve

Chris and Madeleine Ball have designed an unbelievable custom t-shirt that uses LEDs and a list of numbers, along with a blue tooth device and some savvy engineering, to display how many emails you have in your inbox.

See how the custom t-shirt works in this video:

Thanks to Brenna Ehrlich over at Mashable for writing a very clever article about the shirt, and to Sarah for sharing it with me.

It’s amazing what a normal couple can do with a t-shirt.

Then again, the simplest promotional items are always my favorite, because they give you the freedom to customize them in your own way. So what will you do with your custom t-shirts? You’ve got a pretty impressive feat to live up to.

Tell us in the comments about the most creative way you’ve used a promotional product.

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Well, Ashley, I’m glad you asked. The t-shirt can actually display up to 127 emails — all the lights illuminate to indicate 64+32+16+8+4+2+1. After that, yes, the light explodes.

What happens if you get past 64…does the light explode?

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