Supply Chain as We Recover From COVID-19


As we begin to return to our normal lives here in the US, the world continues to feel aftershocks of the COVID-19 epidemic. We are currently facing supply chain issues and we want to minimize impact for you as much as possible.


While this is a worldwide issue, the staff at Pinnacle is committed to helping you find the best possible products for your needs. Your account manager is here to assist you personally with any issues you may run into. Our extensive product knowledge enables us to recommend alternative products and ideas to suit your specific needs.

Here’s how to reach out:

Email us at
Chat with us from our website.
Call us at 770-457-6226.

Thank you for your patience,

Issue: The product I want is out of stock or delayed.

Solution: We can source products from all over the world, and will help you find a similar product that meets your needs and deadline.



Issue: The product I want is out of stock or delayed, and there are no similar items available either.

Solution: Our staff specializes in curating creative ideas! We can send you a customized IdeaKit or work one-on-one with you to come up with something special.



Issue: My delivery date has been pushed back.

Solution: Please reach out to us! Unfortunately, delays do happen, but if you let us know your concerns we will work with you to find a solution.



Issue: How can I avoid delays in the future?

Solution: Delays are not the norm with Pinnacle Promotions, but the entire world is being impacted by supply chain issues.  For now, planning ahead and ordering early is recommended. If you’re worried about meeting a deadline or event date, give us a call and we will confirm what options are available.



Issue: I know I will be placing additional orders this year.  How can I feel confident about those orders?

Solution: Our supply chain will return to normal. Until that time, if you know you will need products in the future, let us know! We can receive and warehouse your items until you need them. Additionally, we can set up a redemption portal for your company, letting your employees request products that we have stored for you as needed.


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