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Earth Day is fast approaching (April 22nd to be exact!) and we’ve rolled out some great, earth friendly items to help jumpstart your company’s green initiatives architekt 3d kostenlos download. Have you check out our EarthSmart Items category gratis fotos downloaden? It’s a great spot to get a few ideas as to how you’ll be celebrating and helping save the earth in your own small ways.

Check back on Thursday when I’ll be posting a few of my EarthSmart picks and some creative ways to use them herunterladen. Til then, read up on Earth Day’s history and purpose here. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you might want to take a look at what The Atlanta Botanical Garden has planned for the younger set here herunterladen. Last but not least, if you want to get your celebration started early, consider participating in International Dark Sky week, more info here chip musik downloaden.

If you’ve tried any Earth Day initiatives, let me know the in the comments! I’d love to hear how it worked out for your company or organization kostenlos herunterladen google. Personally, I’ll be trying to get my apartment lights under control for Dark Sky week and making sure all my reusable grocery totes are ready to go dvd cover legalen.

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Product Pick of the Week: Premium Seed Stationery

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I can admit it, I hoard stationery. I have a large collection that takes up 3 drawers of my at-home desk , and I feel the need to buy more. I still believe in sending thank you notes and sending letters to friends and family image. Call me old fashioned. I can take it. So naturally, I flipped upon discovery of the Premium Seed Paper Collection microsoft office free.

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Earth Day Activities and Promotion Marketing Ideas

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Happy Earth Day!

There is always a lot of hype related to Earth Day, and as my coworker, Ashley, mentioned in her Earth Day guest post last month, eco-friendly promotional products tend to sell out quickly in March and April because of the considerable amount of companies that choose to celebrate Earth Day hp scannen downloaden. This year, why not strive to live a more eco-conscious existence 24/7, 365? It is easy to let green initiatives fall by the wayside after the media buzz surrounding Earth Day dies down, so for a few ideas to help you and your organization stay on track with your sustainable objectives year-round,

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From the Runway, to Your Promotional Products… Spring Fashion Report

For some, fashion is a hobby herunterladen. For others, a sport. Twice a year, in February and September, fashion lovers of all income brackets, styles, and ages unite to take in something I like to equate to “The Superbowls of Fashion,” New York Fashion Weeks Claas dlc free download. Men glued to their tvs screaming as their favorite football team fights for yardage does not begin to compare to the intensity with which many women follow the coverage of Spring and Fall Fashion Weeks jhxgames texture pack downloaden. We live vicariously through bloggers and press coverage, keeping a mental, or for some fashionistas who are even more obsessed with couture than I am, a physical, checklist of all the trends we want to incorporate into our seasonal wardrobes flyer to download.

Spring/Summer trends were defined at 2009’s Fall Fashion Week (confusing, I know), and I have already spotted some of the key trends permeating the dreary Winter attire demanded by Atlanta’s current climate cisco webex teams. It isn’t too late to design custom apparel items for clients and employees that will put them at the pinnacle (pun intended!) of fashion in their professional and personal lives this Spring photo's google foto's.

Neutral tones: One of my current favorite promotional products is Leed’s Laminated Non-Woven Large Shopper Tote, which can be found in our Tradeshow Bags & Totes category image on iphone. This eco-friendly carrying bag is offered with a grass stock background, keeping it in line with the neutral theme that dominated Spring runway shows tinder op computer. A former roommate’s 7 year old sister once asked her why everything in my closet was “dirt-colored,” so clearly I was far ahead of the times with this trend herunterladen!

Preppy stripes: Many people are not wasting any time at all interspersing chunky stripes and nautical accessories into their Winter wardrobes, and this craze is expected to grow exponentially as temperatures heat up vimeo video download for free. Our playful Large Striped Canvas Tote is one item to help your female constituents capitalize on the nautical theme, and even men can get onboard (again, pun intended- that one was just way too easy!) with polo shirts featuring subtle stripes.


Nylon anoraks and color blocking: A quick search for the term “color block” on our website turns up hundreds of results, from color block drinkware to tote bags. Appropriately, some of the search results were nylon color block jackets for men, women, and youth from popular promotional apparel brand Port Authority®. I don’t think I could have found a better example of either of these trends than these particular lightweight jackets- perfect for crisp, clear Spring mornings, Port Authority® takes nylon outerwear from functional to fashionable with ease in these statement pieces.

And that wraps up my summary of Spring trends; I can’t wait to summarize next week’s events for you, as I’m sure I will have plenty of ideas about how Pinnacle Promotions can help you bring Fall 2010 trends from the runway to YOUR way with unique promotional products.

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Green Promotional Products and Ideas: Gifts That Give Back

It’s the Holiday Season and we all need ideas for gifts herunterladen! It is always so hard for me to come up with the PERFECT gift, so I take any help on suggestions I can get. One of my best friends sent me a “Holiday Good Guide” entitled “Doing Good this Holiday” 3ds roms kostenlos downloaden. She works for a sustainable company that strives everyday to be completely “green.” One day they could only use 6 gallons of water for 12 hours herunterladen! I did not realize how much water we use in a day, but believe me it is WAY over 6 gallons. This guide serves to show what we can do for our communities, our environment, and our society herunterladen. I have really enjoyed going through the different suggestions, and would love to share some of the points made in the guide with you!

First, the guide lays out different charities that people can donate to this season javascript herunterladen kostenlos. For example, Nothing but Nets is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to combat malaria a1 formular herunterladen. Just a $10 donation sends a net to people in need and hopefully saves a life! It might be a good idea to donate that $10 in someone’s name. There you go microsoft word 2016 download free full version german! 1 gift down, and it saves a life!

Next, the guide tells us about Eco-Friendly gifts for the Holidays! They suggest giving energy efficient bulbs, natural candles, recycled windshield wine glasses, and eco totes (which you can get from Pinnacle Promotions… where else would you go??) deutschlandfunk post.

Another suggestion they offer is going to your local farmer’s market, or shopping at a community supported agriculture cooperative to receive food from HERE not there latest version of firefox! I LOVE great food, and the fruits, veggies and other goodies from these associations are bound to be fresh, healthy, and yummy. Hmm, I could get this service delivered to my mom and grandmother for Christmas powerpoint designen. Three gifts down, and I feel good about giving these presents!

The last tip in the guides has 10 steps; “10 Ways to Go Green.” Number 10 is to bring your own bag. Pinnacle Promotions has you covered there! Check out our reusable totes in all different colors and sizes. Take your tote with you everywhere: the grocery store, the drug store, the local farmers market, shopping, and the list goes on! What a great way to go GREEN this holiday. This guide has helped me SO much with my Holiday List, and hopefully through my short summary, it will help you, too. It is great to know that I can give presents to my friends and family, and also give back to my community and society! Happy Holidays!

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Pinnacle Promotion’s Paperless Plan

Recycled Promotional Products

Here at Pinnacle, we’re going paperless mit cyberghost herunterladen! Like many offices throughout the world, paperwork is often printed, filed away and forgotten about for weeks at a time. To avoid this situation and do our part to save trees, Pinnacle is enacting eco-friendly initiatives, such as sending confirmations via e-mail herunterladen.

Whether you work in the promotional products industry or any other industry, you can make your office environment and marketing campaigns more environmentally friendly by following a few simple tips herunterladen. Send e-mail blasts, rather than direct mail that often winds up in the trash, to reduce your paper dependence. Or, distribute “green” promotional products as your corporate gift or tradeshow giveaway amazon prime video movies.

Pinnacle offers an entire line of promotional EarthSmart™ products made from natural, organic or recycled material that have a positive impact on the environment wie kann man streamsen. Since Pinnacle donates 1% of all sales from this line to 1% for the Planet, a network of more than 1,700 not-for-profit environmental organizations worldwide, you will be making a difference with every purchase herunterladen. So if you’re looking for promotional giveaways that employees, clients, and the environment will appreciate, be sure to customize one of EarthSmart™ products with your company name and logo phil collins kostenlos downloaden.

We love EarthSmart™ products so much, the marketing department even dressed up as them for Halloween (see picture above).

Creative Writing Intern

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Does Money Make the World of Promotional Products Go Around?


Original Artwork By Jodi Spong, Production Manager/Graphic Designer

They all say “money makes the world go around.” But in the contemplative words of Tim McGraw, “who are they?” Well, I guess the overwhelming majority of society has adopted this mentality, but that does not mean that this statement should be interpreted as law. Children are taught at a young age through the use of allowances to value money and spend it wisely, but too often kids grow up to become jaded and materialistic, losing sight of what is really important in life zune kostenlos.

Promotional products can serve as valuable marketing tools to attract business, but they need to be properly integrated into a cohesive marketing mix to return optimal results. Relationship management is a critical aspect of running a company, and you want to take necessary steps to ensure that your brand is perceived positively among current and potential customers diablo 3 for free. You need not shell out big bucks to impress end users of your promotional products with expensive gifts; sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

In college I took a marketing course entirely based on the concept that the best companies, the ones which make the greatest impact on the world around them and therefore stand the test of time, are those that have a soul editor html. Soulfulness is an admirable quality that comes from within a brand: it is the intrinsic principles and values that guide the company every single day, and it cannot be communicated adequately in a mission statement or companywide memo. Ultimately, every organization needs money in order to remain in existence, but there are many other important factors that must be present to create a strong brand identity guten morgen gifs kostenlos downloaden.

I am not trying to discourage you from investing in costly customized executive gifts or gift baskets. These items promote your brand’s professionalism and appreciation for valued clientele. However, you can achieve comparable success by employing less expensive promotional products and coupling them with articulate, compelling imprint messages or underlying marketing sentiments citrix receiver downloaden mac.

One of my favorite examples of inexpensive, yet highly effective, marketing with promotional products is LiveStrong bracelets. These cheap bracelets started a movement across the country in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Consumers can buy their own custom imprinted bracelets, featuring the word “LiveStrong,” to publicize their support for the charitable cause, while also helping fundraising efforts for the foundation herunterladen.

The popularity of LiveStrong bracelets demonstrates how simple it is to use promotional products for good, and the potential benefits that can be reaped by associating your brand with meaningful causes. Show the public that your company has a soul by distributing items like EarthSmart™ pens and jotters with your logo movies from media libraries. You can also give these products out in your office or workplace to set a precedent for environmentally conscious actions.

Another way to get the word out about your company’s unique culture is by customizing inexpensive promotional products with phrases (not slogans!) that your employees live by every day. Some examples may be “Do good to do well” for a bank or financial institution, or “Mindful matters” for an educational foundation or think tank time beam. Any way that you can think of to illustrate your company’s mantras in a genuine way to your target audience can boost brand loyalty and recognition. Check out our Sales and Closeouts category to take advantage of our current deals ios 12.1.1 herunterladen.

The answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post is yet to be determined. Look within your company or organization to reach your own conclusion, as every business operates differently and has its own set of objectives. Whether you decide to shell out big bucks or just small change, I wish you the best of luck with whatever direction you choose to take with your promotional products purchases avatar nederlands!

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“Saved by the Bell”: The Pinnacle Years (Continued)

vauvau-high-school-lockersAnd now for Part Two of Friday’s blog tribute to “Saved by the Bell”… What better way to discuss promotional products than by relating them to a television series that impacted so many lives throughout its time on the air mac videos downloaden youtube?

Kelly: Kelly Kapowski’s peppy personality, natural beauty, and adoration for her large family quickly made her America’s Sweetheart. When her father lost his job, she insisted on giving back the money he had given her to buy her dream prom dress to help with family expenses adblock plus herunterladen. For employees or clients who, like Kelly, possess the admirable qualities of selflessness and generosity, why not encourage them to pamper themselves for once, instead of only looking out for the well-being of others playstore downloaden samsung? Products featured in our “Pamper Yourself (Spa)” category can provide valued customers and staff with the necessary tools to relax and treat themselves to some “me” time cd downloaden op computer.

Lisa: Lisa Turtle was always sassy, strong-willed, and most of all, stylish! For fashionistas like Lisa, our selection of Fashion Totes or Women’s Apparel will help them set the trends, as well as promoting your brand as hip and cutting-edge schriftarten mac. In multiple episodes, Lisa’s friends often walked into her bedroom unannounced to find her doing aerobics along with a videotape. The popularity of Aerobics is undeniable, and items related to the fitness craze are great options to promote healthy exercise habits avast free download chip. Some of the newest (and in my opinion, coolest!) workout accessories to hit the market are balance boards. These pieces of equipment challenge the user’s coordination, core strength, and flexibility downloaden van icloud. And now, you can customize them with your brand logo and marketing message! Both men and women can utilize this innovative fitness tool, as it can definitely spice up an otherwise repetitive workout regimen herunterladen.

Jessie: Jessie Spano’s determination, intellect, and competitive nature were admirable qualities that made her successful in any endeavor she undertook at Bayside free bus games. Whether she was advocating for women’s rights by criticizing Slater’s chauvinistic ways or attending protests related to preserving the environment, Jessie certainly spoke up for what she believed in app herunterladen zahlung nicht abgeschlossen. If you are looking for promotional gifts to please recipients dedicated to protecting the environment, consider items from our EarthSmart™ category. These selections are made from recycled materials, recyclable, and/or help conserve energy. In addition, Pinnacle donates a portion of the proceeds from sales of these items to 1% for the Planet so that the money can be put to good use by non-profit environmental groups. If the audience you intend to target with your promotional products is associated with philanthropic organizations, take a look at our Non-Profit/Associations category to find the perfect gifts or giveaways.

I hope you enjoyed these blast-from-the-past blog posts inspired by one of TV’s most memorable sitcoms as much as I enjoyed writing them! Next time you purchase promotional products, draw from the world around you (including the fictional world housed in your television screen!) for ideas, and take the characteristics of your intended recipient(s) into account when selecting ideal custom imprinted gifts.

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Living Promotional Products: Not Just For Those With Green Thumbs

With the summer weather being this gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to start a new outdoor hobby kostenlos geburtstagskarten herunterladen? For me at least, I am thinking gardening. I can just imagine the spectacular salad I will make with all of the fresh veggies I have grown myself!

Whether you already have a green thumb or if you are more like me, the girl who likes getting flowers but has never planted one herself, a promotional product like the Leeds Seasons Garden Tool Tote seems like a great investment to help encourage employees or clients to go outside and be active old ringtones. This bag is stacked with everything any gardener needs: a trowel, cultivator, gardening gloves, pruner, and weed picker. The various pockets on the bag can hold just about anything – packets of seeds, plant markers (you don’t want to think you’re growing watermelons when it’s actually a pepper plant!), and maybe even a Slimline MP3 Player so that you can sing to your plants könig der löwen kostenlos herunterladen. I heard that music helps them grow…but if your voice is as horrible as mine you may want to look into getting something like the Hi-Fi Portable Speaker herunterladen.

If gardening isn’t your thing, you can still provide a great gift for clients that will allow them to experience the joy of growing a plant. With the Grow Cup, all your recipients have to do is water the pot, but they still get to see the flowers bloom how can I download sims.

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What Not to Wear: Pinnacle Promotions Edition

davidsonscott15TLC created an entire show based on it dorfleben kostenlos herunterladen. Glamour magazine has a monthly column dedicated to it. Now, Pinnacle Promotions is entering the scene: fashion rule-breakers beware! Celebrities are often criticized because of unsightly wardrobe faux pas, but the press is becoming more and more mindful of crimes of fashion committed by ordinary people download images from icloud. Pinnacle employees are typically trendy, well-groomed young professionals, but sometimes (and I mean VERY rarely!), one of us will slip up and fall prey to a capital offense route downloaden tomtom go.

This fashion victim, who shall remain nameless, should have thought more carefully about leaving his house on the weekend in this outfit. If only he had taken advantage of the stylish apparel offered by his own employer jardinains kostenlos downloaden! Here is a brief breakdown of this offender’s criminal actions:

GUILTY: Cutoff Jean Shorts onedrive neu herunterladen. I mean, this look may have been en vogue in the early ‘90s… but it is now 2009! Yes, the heat in Atlanta tends to be unbearable, but I cannot think of any occasion that would justify a twenty-something year old male in an urban setting rocking this style in public (except maybe Halloween!) anschreiben vorlage downloaden. There are an enormous variety of alternatives that could provide equal or greater comfort while keeping this individual out of the limelight because of outdated clothing decisions counter strike source download deutsch kostenlos vollversion. For example, why not turn to lightweight and sport tek® mesh shorts as lounge-wear your mixtape spotify? A daytime look that alludes to athleticism is a great way to clue nearby members of the opposite sex into the fact that you enjoy working out and flexing your muscles mudrunner kostenlos downloaden!

GUILTY: Styrofoam Cup. I may have let this one slide if he happened to be sporting the “look you can’t tell if what I am drinking contains alcohol or not because it is in a concealed red plastic cup” college-style solo cup; however, he has chosen to indulge in his liquid concoction in a non-biodegradable, earth-polluting polystyrene foam container tiergeräusche kostenlos downloaden! As anyone who has been paying attention to the latest trends in “green” fashion knows, there are plenty of fashionable eco-friendly alternatives to such environmentally harmful products, as can be found on Pinnacle Promotions website under the category of recycled promotional products. For example, Mr. Fashion Victim, should have traded in his disposable cup for a biodegradable, reusable and recyclable Stadium Cup made from recycled materials. As they say: “Green” is the new black!

GUILTY: Trendy Sneakers Gone Wrong. Lately we’ve been seeing celebrities like Justin Timberlake conveying a ton of attitude by dressing down an Armani black suit with plain white sneakers on the red carpet. Sneakers seem to be running off the courts and onto the social scenes around the country, but the secret to pulling off this look is how you wear them. You may think that sneakers are the one fashion trend that doesn’t warrant much thought and consideration, but it is clean, crisp white sneakers that complement any outfit. Our fashion victim should have used a shoe polish kit to keep his footwear out of a fashion victim blog!

And finally, one trend that this mysterious walking fashion disaster is guilty of actually following: flashing a peace sign… Supporting the goal of world peace is always, without question a fashion DO! He definitely redeems himself in part because of this stylish hand gesture!

*Please note: the opinions stated in the above column are in no way representative of Pinnacle Promotions or its employees as a whole (just most of us!). The fashion victim selected for the purposes of this blog consented in advance to its creation and knows that this post is all in good fun. ☺

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