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Promote Your Brand with Brand Name Promotional Products

brand name promotional productsWithin the social structure of the United States, and any other developed nation really, there is a preoccupation with symbols of status – consumer products being one of them – used to denote one’s position within society. Though the nature of any correlation between these notions is highly subjective, it is hard to deny that those consumer products with brand names or designer labels are regarded as ones denoting wealth and prestige, and generally lie within the realms of the upper class. While many of these so-called designer items do rightfully align themselves with the rich and wealthy, owing to the quality of their goods, the true determination of their value is merely a social construct, initially developed from marketing schemes and sustained by consumer perceptions. More than just name recognition and the benefits of that familiarity, along with a brand name comes an identity of quality and excellence.

Your company can benefit from these marketing efforts of already recognizable labels by using their promotional products, and ultimately pairing your name with their reputation. At Pinnacle Promotions, we carry brand name promotional items such as promotional pens by Bic®, tools and watches by Swiss Army®, and office accessories by Alicia Klein®, just to name a few. Promotional products with brand names will be sure to impress clients and employees, and recipients will be even more likely to keep these products that they recognize to be of a certain value. You can see our entire collection of brand name promotional items by clicking here.

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Promotional Products on the Soapbox Track!

This Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending my first ever soapbox race!jeherv-lame-varsity-car

Atlanta was lucky enough to be one of two cities selected to host this year’s annual Red Bull Soapbox Race. Red Bull closed off 10th street in Midtown Atlanta and created a curvy track that tested the skills of each driver and the agility of each handcrafted soapbox car.

Fifty teams entered the human-powered race to compete for the coveted title of first place and a weekend NASCAR experience in Charlotte, NC. Each team was judged on their speed, creativity and showmanship. With each team being encouraged to perform a skit, dance or some form of entertainment prior to their race down the track, there was no shortage of leprechauns, lederhosen, togas and other various “characters” walking the streets of Midtown.

The race was loads of fun and I was incredibly appreciative of the fact that admission to such a fun and popular event was free. And being such a nut about cool advertising techniques, I couldn’t help but notice the promotional products and amazing branding that Red Bull does for this once-a-year event.

As we walked from the train station towards the race, we followed the banners (not to mention crowds of people!) to the designated entrance. An imprinted hand fan was the first item we received as we walked the path to the Pit to see the soapbox cars before the race. Then we received an icy-cold free Red Bull. FREE. Yay! That almost never happens anymore. With the free drink and an invitation to their outdoor lounge area, I actually felt like a VIP for a minute! After we found the perfect place to watch the race, the Red Bull crew (wearing Red Bull tanks) distributed imprinted bells to those lining the track. While that was the extent of the giveaways I actually witnessed (although I did see several Red Bull custom shaped coolers in passing), I would bet that near the finish line and judges’ station (we were at the starting line) many other items were offered as well.

Take a tip from Red Bull when planning your events. Getting your name out into the public is a great way to generate knowledge and demand for your products or services. Need to create buzz about your event? Promotional banners are a great way to market an upcoming event. Post them in areas surrounding the location of the event. They’ll help promote beforehand and add to the excitement the day of. Hosting an outdoor event? Offer guests imprinted hand fans to help them cool off. There’s nothing worse than a cranky crowd of thousands of sweaty people! And make sure to set up drink stations where people can take a quick break from the festivities and grab a water, or in this case, possibly a Red Bull.

While you may not have a tangible free sample of your product to offer or the financial backing to organize such a large-scale event, you can still use some of the demonstrated tips and tricks used by Red Bull to promote and generate excitement about your company. Remember to have fun with your marketing. Entertaining guests and attendants and giving them a promotional product to take home is a great way to increase your corporate branding.

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Don’t Forget About Feet: Promotional Products for Tired Tootsies

Did you know that August happens to be Foot Health Month? The month isn’t over yet, so you can still purchase promotional products to help customers and/or employees pamper their feet in time to observe this unique and obscure awareness month… And I can assure you, none of the end users of your “Foot Health” related giveaways will complain if you sneak some of these products into your promotions next month or any other time of year!

Well-groomed toes and feet are especially important during sandal season, so ladies and men alike will appreciate a gift like the Small Foot Care Kit. This set contains all the essentials to get feet in great condition. With the economy still hurting, people have had to cut back on luxuries like regular pedicures, and this product can help women rejuvenate and rehydrate dry, cracked skin on their heels and the soles of their feet. Even men can enjoy this gender-neutral spa kit, although many males will probably claim to want a pouch for their wives or daughters. No matter whose hands (or more appropriately, feet!) the item actually touches, the recipient will be grateful for the indulgent lotions and spa tools to recondition dried-out digits. There is no time like the present to start taking better care of your feet- they support you all day long, so why not show them some love right back?


Spa items are guaranteed to be a hit with your target audience, and the bliss provided by any personal care tools will foster a positive relationship between your brand and the products’ user. Check out our “Pamper Yourself” category for perfect holiday gifts for overworked executives or associates- you can even use these items as inspiration for a companywide “Spa Day” to keep workers motivated.


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Express Your Beliefs with Promotional Signs and Presentation Tools

promotional signs and presentation toolsNews coverage has recently been inundated with stories and images of American citizens voicing concerns over President Obama’s proposed healthcare plan. With millions of Americans currently not holding any health insurance, and millions more currently underinsured, the government’s healthcare expenditure is out of control, and the whole country is in agreement that changes need to be made with urgency. However, opinions about how to revamp healthcare programs to conserve federal funds are far from unanimous. The on-going debate about Obama’s plan has led to a media frenzy, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have taken a clear-cut stance on the issue.

For years controversial topics such as this one have brought people with common beliefs together to fight for their shared convictions. Anything from animal rights, to anti-smoking, to green and sustainable initiatives, is enough to spur passionate dialogue from informed (and unfortunately sometimes, uninformed) citizens. Whether you are setting up a protest, or merely trying to direct peoples’ attention to a cause that you are dedicated to, it is important to prepare adequate signage and displays to effectively communicate your message. Your collateral needs to be bold enough to make a statement, but I would advise against setting up anything too permanent. Chances are that you will want to repeat your efforts in another location in the future, so your best bet would be to purchase presentation equipment that can be put up and taken down without a hassle. Also, consider transportation whenever you are planning for a cause-related event or rally. Can your display pieces be moved by a compact car? Or will you need to rent appropriate vehicles? Advance preparation will greatly benefit the execution of your event, and you will be more relaxed if you do not have to scramble for last-minute collateral and promotional materials.

To assist with your publicity efforts, we feature a wide array of Trade show Displays & Signage on our website. You can purchase items like portable tables and custom imprinted banners to enhance the professionalism of your staged protest or campaign. Passersby will be more likely to take notice of an attractively conveyed message, and if you do happen to capture press coverage, your organized rally will be taken more seriously than just a spontaneous get-together. Also, consider purchasing inexpensive giveaway items that support the objectives of your campaign. Items like pens or bumper stickers can gain serious promotional mileage, but make sure that you have adequate supply to distribute to all of the supporters in attendance.

As Americans, we are fortunate to be granted the right of free speech, and in accordance with that right, why not articulate your meaningful words on a customized promotional product or piece of promotional signage?

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Promotional Products to Keep Your Kitchen Area Safe

I’m usually pretty handy in the kitchen. As I’ve said before, I love to cook. But this weekend, I made a tiny little mistake that ended with my finger wrapped up in a bandage.

While I was chopping baby carrots for the grilled chicken salad I was making, the tiny carrot unexpectedly decided to roll on me. Unfortunately, this little roll moved my index finger directly into the path of the oncoming knife.

I’m okay. Don’t worry. I quote the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “tis only a flesh wound.” But still, it hurts. Okay. Yes. I’m a baby. My brother, “the cook,” is still teasing me for my patheticness. But my incident drives home why safety and preparedness in the kitchen is so important. Where else do you work with fire, oil, glass, gas and knives (not to mention the countless other chopping, blending, mincing, slicing, and dicing tools) all in one place?

The kitchen really is no joke. You have to take caution when working with dangerous/sharp/flammable materials. Make sure your kitchen (or at least a room nearby) is stocked with a few basic safety essentials. First aid kits are great for minor wounds. Also, make sure you know where your fire extinguisher is located, and be sure to keep up with all related maintenance requirements. It won’t help if it isn’t working.

Happy Cooking!
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Forecast: Prepared! Anybody Can Be a Meteorologist with Promotional Weather Instruments…

pixthree-hurricaneikeThe 2009 hurricane season is officially underway. I returned yesterday from a brief beach trip to the Florida Panhandle just in time, as tropical storm Claudette picked up speed close behind. The National Hurricane Center stated that no named storms (meaning those with winds reaching a minimum of 39 miles an hour) had appeared in the Atlantic Basin as of Friday- the seventh-longest recorded wait in this area for the first tropical storm of the season. By Saturday, however, Tropical Storms Ana and Bill had been named off the Florida coast, and Claudette developed by early Sunday morning.

Experts predict a quieter than usual storm season this year, which is particularly fortunate for the nation’s Flood Insurance Program, currently in a deficit of over $19 billion. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which controls the National Flood Insurance Program, released a statement that hurricanes have cost greater than $45.9 billion in disaster assistance since 2005, comprising approximately 85% of FEMA’s total expenditure on disaster relief efforts.

It is fascinating to think about the technological advancements that have evolved and the power which they grant meteorologists and weather experts to accurately track climate patterns and predict storms. Our ancestors had no advance warning of looming natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, and therefore could only prepare for treacherous weather threats as soon as they came into view.

Today, tools to monitor weather conditions are affordable enough to warrant personal use in the home and office! Your brand can even customize handy weather instruments with your logo and marketing message so that clients and employees can utilize them on a daily basis. I, for one, enjoy being able to dress accordingly for the day’s forecast without having to set foot outside my front door! Gifts like weather stations will benefit your desired end users tremendously, allowing them to know what conditions lie outside the confines of their home or office. Choose from a variety of unique custom imprinted Weather Instruments that are sure to impress and amuse your target audience.

If you happen to be in the danger zone for any of the tropical storms or hurricanes I mentioned above, stay safe and make sure to follow the storms’ progress to be prepared for any unexpected changes in course or upgrades in severity! Even if you are not in a region susceptible to these weather phenomena, weather tools can be incorporated into your marketing mix to form the foundation for an innovative and memorable promotional campaign.

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“Saved by the Bell”: The Pinnacle Years (Continued)

vauvau-high-school-lockersAnd now for Part Two of Friday’s blog tribute to “Saved by the Bell”… What better way to discuss promotional products than by relating them to a television series that impacted so many lives throughout its time on the air?

Kelly: Kelly Kapowski’s peppy personality, natural beauty, and adoration for her large family quickly made her America’s Sweetheart. When her father lost his job, she insisted on giving back the money he had given her to buy her dream prom dress to help with family expenses. For employees or clients who, like Kelly, possess the admirable qualities of selflessness and generosity, why not encourage them to pamper themselves for once, instead of only looking out for the well-being of others? Products featured in our “Pamper Yourself (Spa)” category can provide valued customers and staff with the necessary tools to relax and treat themselves to some “me” time.

Lisa: Lisa Turtle was always sassy, strong-willed, and most of all, stylish! For fashionistas like Lisa, our selection of Fashion Totes or Women’s Apparel will help them set the trends, as well as promoting your brand as hip and cutting-edge. In multiple episodes, Lisa’s friends often walked into her bedroom unannounced to find her doing aerobics along with a videotape. The popularity of Aerobics is undeniable, and items related to the fitness craze are great options to promote healthy exercise habits. Some of the newest (and in my opinion, coolest!) workout accessories to hit the market are balance boards. These pieces of equipment challenge the user’s coordination, core strength, and flexibility. And now, you can customize them with your brand logo and marketing message! Both men and women can utilize this innovative fitness tool, as it can definitely spice up an otherwise repetitive workout regimen.

Jessie: Jessie Spano’s determination, intellect, and competitive nature were admirable qualities that made her successful in any endeavor she undertook at Bayside. Whether she was advocating for women’s rights by criticizing Slater’s chauvinistic ways or attending protests related to preserving the environment, Jessie certainly spoke up for what she believed in. If you are looking for promotional gifts to please recipients dedicated to protecting the environment, consider items from our EarthSmart™ category. These selections are made from recycled materials, recyclable, and/or help conserve energy. In addition, Pinnacle donates a portion of the proceeds from sales of these items to 1% for the Planet so that the money can be put to good use by non-profit environmental groups. If the audience you intend to target with your promotional products is associated with philanthropic organizations, take a look at our Non-Profit/Associations category to find the perfect gifts or giveaways.

I hope you enjoyed these blast-from-the-past blog posts inspired by one of TV’s most memorable sitcoms as much as I enjoyed writing them! Next time you purchase promotional products, draw from the world around you (including the fictional world housed in your television screen!) for ideas, and take the characteristics of your intended recipient(s) into account when selecting ideal custom imprinted gifts.

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National Night Out and Related Safety Promotional Products

promotional emergency productsEvery year on the first Tuesday in August between the hours of 7pm and 10pm, millions of people in thousands of communities across the United States participate in the National Night Out event to recognize crime and drug prevention. This year marks the 26th annual awareness evening, sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch and co-sponsored by various companies and organizations in observing communities.

The goals of this event include increasing awareness in crime and drug prevention, garnering support for local programs against criminal activity, fostering cooperation among police and neighborhood watch groups, and alerting criminals that neighborhoods will not tolerate deviants and unlawful activity.

Your company can emphasize the importance of safety to employees and customers throughout the year by giving away promotional products that will ensure their well-being. Automotive emergency kits featuring your imprinted logo are a great way to make recipients aware of your organizations’ concern for their protection, and they will appreciate the provision of such useful (and necessary!) items, courtesy of your brand.

One especially valuable promotional product is the Roadside Emergency Car Kit, which includes a siren and flashing emergency light. Even inside the home, this item has the potential to save lives when used correctly, because of its ability to inform passersby that the user is in need of assistance.

It isn’t too late to take part in this year’s National Night Out- research activities in and around your community and encourage your company to volunteer tonight as a sponsor. At the very least, encourage your neighbors to meet you outside to recognize this unique annual occurrence. Lock all of your front doors, switch on outside lights, and spend a few hours socializing in the fresh air!

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Don’t Forget the Sanitizer!

This Wednesday my husband had the very unfortunate experience of an unexpected hospital stay. No worries. He’s fine now. But after 24 hours in a hospital bed (with me in a tiny, squeaky recliner next to him) he is very happy to be home!

I don’t know about you, but I never really associate the summer months with sickness. I’m accustomed to the constant allergy sneezing of everyone around me in the early spring months, and the chronic sniffles and coughs during the winter, yet I never really think about coming down with a bug during the summer. But trust me… It happens.

Keep your loved ones, employees, friends and clients happy, healthy and out of the hospital with antibacterial products. Hand sanitizers and wet wipes are great (and inexpensive) items to giveaway. Not only will the recipient use them, but they’ll also be shared with neighbors, co-workers and other acquaintances.

Now I know you can’t prevent all illnesses. Viruses are nasty little bugs, and you can’t avoid them all. But give those around you a great tool to help. Imprinted wipes and sanitizing sprays are great to use for your promotions. I know currently I probably have three tubes of hand sanitizer in my desk along with one in my purse. I’m not germophobic. But I’ll never pass up such a practical free giveaway!

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Let the Sun Shine In!

promotional lip balmI don’t know about you, but during the summer I sometimes find it hard to concentrate. Now I know we all work incredibly hard, but on occasion the beaming sun and hot summer air just calls to me!

If you suffer from this same condition, bring a little sunshine inside! Summer’s a fun time filled with vacations, holidays and family. Keep the mood light and bright in your office over these hot months.

Some of my favorite products for these sunshiny days are Goofy Group products. This fun product line includes bath and body products like lip balm and hand sanitizer, along with office-appropriate gifts like pens and notepads. Some of the pens and stress relievers even include sounds and messages.

Keep your promotions fresh and fun this summer. Brighten up your desk, home or purse with these goofy promos!

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