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Bad place for a breakdown
Last night my husband, Chris, and I were out at a local restaurant enjoying a low-key weeknight dinner date. We were talking about the week’s events when he started to tell me about how his co-worker’s car had broken down the day before. He, being a pretty serious “car person,” volunteered to meet him to jump-start the car. After scouring his car for a set of jumper cables, he realized that there weren’t any. He set out to the floor of his company’s workshop to find anyone who might have a set of jumper cables. Much to my (and his) surprise, only one person had a road safety kit!

As he started to describe the kit to me, I couldn’t help but smile. It was the Leed’s Highway Companion Gift Set! He couldn’t believe it had jumper cables, a flashlight, tire gauge, blanket – even warning triangles for the road! He LOVED it! I was thrilled that one of the products we sell was able to help my husband and his co-worker.

As the hot summer sun beats down this summer, think about those poor souls who break down in the heat. A complete highway safety set is a great way to show your employees, customers and anyone else in your life, that you care about their wellbeing. Whether you go for the deluxe kit that came in so handy for my husband and his co-worker, a smaller kit with just the necessities or even a safety hammer that can break a windshield, you provide recipients with valuable tools and peace of mind on the road.

The moral I learned from this story? Don’t assume that someone else will have jumper cables if and when you need them. And needless to say, we’ll be purchasing a few of the Highway Companion Sets!

Happy and safe traveling this summer!

Marketing Coordinator

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A Special Holiday for Your Pearly Whites…

Road Runner ToothbrushOn June 26, 1498, the earliest known toothbrush came into existence. It was invented in China, and was initially made from stiff, coarse hog hair affixed to bone or bamboo handles. In 1938, Dupont de Nemours invented the first toothbrushes to feature nylon bristles.

Good oral hygiene is highly valued in today’s world. As a whole, American society strives for brighter, whiter, and straighter teeth to try and emulate the star-quality smiles flashed by celebrities on the red carpet. Toothbrushes are the first item many of us reach for in the morning and the last thing we touch before going to bed, so custom imprinted toothbrushes are certain to impact the lives of your clients or employees.

Dentists, of course, often employ promotional toothbrushes as giveaways, but there are plenty of other professions that, using a creative approach, can effectively integrate dental hygiene products into their marketing mix. Any industry that requires extensive traveling, such as Consulting, should consider distributing practical items like travel toothbrushes or floss dispensers to employees or customers to increase your brand awareness.

In honor of this important day in history (and its implications for your teeth!), be extra precise with your brushing and flossing this weekend!

Marketing Assistant

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They’re Everywhere!

This past week, months of planning came to an end as my new husband and I celebrated our wedding. As the celebration ended, we packed up and headed for a week of relaxation in sunny Mexico. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just because I work in the promotional product industry. But as we landed in the hot Cancun airport, and I started looking for the red and khaki embroidered uniforms of our travel company, I couldn’t help but notice how surrounded we were by corporate branding.

From embroidered uniforms to vans marked with car magnets, travelers are instantly surrounded by the branding efforts of those in the travel and hospitality industries. From the initial pickup at the airport, this branding continues all the way into the guest room of the hotel. When we arrived at our resort, we found embroidered robes and slippers; printed bags for laundry service; soaps; personal sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner; dental, shaving, sewing, and vanity kits along with notepads and pens all branded with their logo.

We absolutely enjoyed the robes during our stay and I was greatly tempted to purchase the same logo-embroidered robe at the gift shop at the end of our trip. While I resisted the temptation, I did leave with a printed pen, a note written on paper from the imprinted notepad in our room, a sewing kit and a bottle of lotion – all with our hotel’s logo branded on each item.

The moral of my story? While I will never forget my honeymoon for more reasons than just the promotional items we received, the consistent branding and the helpful kits and supplies left a very positive impression on us. When you treat your guests, clients and customers with small – but thoughtful – items, you increase brand loyalty and boost your name recognition. With printed apparel and branded promotional items, you can turn a one-time guest into a lifetime customer! I can tell you for sure – my husband and I will be returning!

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Better Safe Than Sorry!


June is National Safety Month sponsored by the National Safety Council.  They are encouraging everyone to improve their safety practices in the workplace, at home and in the community.  Small safety precautions in your everyday life can make a huge impact on decreasing the number of injuries and deaths that occur each year.

Many companies take National Safety Month as an opportunity to promote their workplace safety guidelines for the whole year.  Incorporating imprinted safety promotional products into your safety presentation is a great way to provide valuable information without losing your employees’ interest. Kick off the month with a fun imprinted giveaway item for all your employees that shows you care about their safety, like the Talking Safety Stress Reliever.    The safety stress reliever says, “Remember, safety is our #1 goal.  So smile, be safe and enjoy your day!” when squeezed.  You’ll be surprised how an inexpensive, but unique promotional item will get the whole company excited for the month-long celebration.

A useful item to hand out to your employees to promote safety is a flashlight imprinted with your company logo.  Everyone can use a flashlight whether they keep it in their car, at their desk or at home;  there are many times when a flashlight can shed some light on an otherwise dangerous situation.

Remember, promoting your corporate safety guidelines doesn’t have to be boring…  spice it up with unique safety promotional items!

Marketing Manager

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Pinnacle Promotions Adopts a Road!

road clean-up 4

Did you know that three out of every four Georgia motorists have witnessed trash being thrown out of a vehicle, but only one out of ten admit to littering from their vehicle? Litter is not only a crime, but it also has negative repercussions for everybody, regardless of whether or not you decide to litter. It consumes millions of taxpayer dollars that would be better spent on other Georgia services, like education or wildlife initiatives, and it pollutes many statewide water sources, simultaneously hurting living creatures inhabiting these environments.

Pinnacle Promotions wants to do our part to combat littering in our area, so we have signed up as a company to “Adopt-a-Road.” We will be maintaining the portion of Jones Mill Road from Peachtree Industrial to Buford Highway in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The “Adopt-a-Road” campaign, sponsored by Gwinnett County Department of Transportation and Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, provides valuable tools and information to citizens who want to help clean up debris in our community. We are proud to add “Adopt-a-Road” to a growing list of sustainable actions being taken by our organization.

If you would like to start a clean-up campaign in your local community, we recommend outfitting your crew in appropriate safety apparel. Find reflective vests and jackets in our Safety Workwear category. We also offer a variety of First Aid Kits in case of minor cuts or scrapes, and Flashlights are always useful for early morning or late night outings to collect trash.

Also, don’t forget about the wide variety of EarthSmart™ products on our website- as members of “1% for the Planet,” we give back one percent of the revenue from sales of these products to environmental non-profit groups!

Marketing Assistant

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