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Custom Electronics: Supercharge Your Brand

Custom Electronics: Supercharge Your Brand

Technology has become completely ingrained in our society, and most people would consider it a necessity in their everyday lives. Nowadays, it seems that we can barely fathom how we would even function without having access to all the gadgets and gizmos at our disposal disney plus herunterladen laptop.

As a business, building your brand is essentially about capturing the customer’s attention, and clearly communicating your value. So in this day and age, combining bold branding with technology will steer your business towards success zoom herunterladen ios. With promotional custom branded electronics, you’ll supercharge your brand–literally. Here are just a few ways in which you can connect with current and potential customers by lending them a helping hand with custom promotional electronics citrix workspace app herunterladen.

Help them unwind

No, we don’t mean offer free drinks to all your customers. When it comes to technology and electronics, it’s about wires when you can warzone. With everything from cell phone and computer chargers, to video game consoles, to earphones, people have a lot of cords and wires to keep track of, and it becomes a tangled mess very quickly firefox alle bilder downloaden. You can provide customers with certain custom promotional products to reduce the clutter, and at the same time, bring out the best in your brand.

For example, the Cord Wrap/Earphone Organizer is a neat way to keep earphones or other cords wrapped up in place apps herunterladen apple. Even better, you can custom print your corporate logo directly on this handy organizer. Another unique item to help customers organize their electronic chaos is the Tangle® Hub 2.0, a fun-shaped, brightly colored little hub with convenient ports, that each twist 180 degrees for easy accessibility herunterladen. With your branding printed on each and every port, customers are constantly reminded of your business, and how it is impacting them on a daily basis.

Cord Wrap/Earphone Organizer          Tangle® Hub 2.0


Turn Up the Volume

Customers love their music, and can be very particular about enjoying the subtle nuances and true sound quality soundtouch app von bose herunterladen. Providing customers with attractive and quality bluetooth speakers will make that experience even better. Personalizing a useful item like a Bluetooth speaker by printing your branding across the front gives you the unique opportunity to directly appeal to customers’ sensibilities, as well as call-out to your brand games for kids to download. Customers don’t have to worry about lugging around a bulky item just to enjoy their music to its fullest. Something like the Havoc Speaker easily provides hours of playback time, and even recharges in 1.5 hours windows service pack 1. It also includes a micro USB to USB recharging cable. Or, another wonderful option is The Palo Speaker, which makes listening on-the-go super easy.

Havoc Speaker            The Palo Speaker


Keep Everything in its Place

With all those electronics, things can get out of hand. For example, it’s very frustrating to have your cell phone one minute, and lose it the very next. For times like that, make your brand useful. A cool Jelly Sticky Pad® allows you to stick your digital devices, glasses, and/or any other small items that easily get lost to it, and it leaves no sticky residue. Having precious items sneakily slide away from you is no longer an issue. With plenty of room for large printing, this is an incredibly cost-effective and meaningful way to show customers appreciation and to put your brand at the top of their minds.

Jelly Sticky Pad

Utilizing custom branded electronics, and these deceptively simple ideas in your marketing strategy will establish a brand message that resonates with customers, and gives you effortless brand-building opportunities.

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Meet the iGeneration: The Youngest Users of Promotional Electronics

Creative Commons License photo credit: apdk

As I was browsing the racks in a local boutique several weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice a mother and toddler on the other side of the shop alle links von einer seite downloaden. “Mommy and me“ shopping trips are nothing out of the ordinary, but the young child was seated in a stroller and engrossed in a game on what appeared to be an iPad you can netflix tv series on your laptop!

Appropriately nicknamed the “iGeneration,” America’s youngsters are no strangers to portable technology and promotional electronics wie viel kann man bei netflixen.

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Amazon Brands Kindle 3 with More than Just Promotional Media Storage Cases

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Trending Topic Tuesday,” where we share our take on what’s going on in the world and what promotional products would appropriately (or inappropriately) market the subject matter herunterladen.

While you may have seen – or perhaps even own – promotional media storage cases for the Amazon Kindle that have been imprinted with a brand’s custom design, logo, or message, a recent announcement from Amazon proves that protective cases are not the only way brands can make an impression on Kindle owners liederen amazon. Amazon will soon offer a less expensive of the Wi-Fi only Kindle 3 with built-in advertisements.

At $114, buyers will save $25 off the current Wi-Fi only model, but will be faced with sponsored screensavers from retailers including Olay, Buick, and Visa when the device is idle, and will encounter occasional special offers nestled among the pages of their e-books herunterladen. Purchasers are encouraged to vote on which “attractive” advertisements they want to see included on the new version of the Kindle 3, giving them nearly the same amount of agency they have when choosing from the array of promotional media storage cases available in stores and online, as well as in the form of giveaways and corporate incentives dropbox desktop.

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Apple sues Amazon, AT & T and T-Mobile Merge, and other Promotional Electronics News

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Trending Topic Tuesday,” where we share our take on what’s going on in the world and what promotional products would appropriately (or inappropriately) market the subject matter excel tables.’s new mobile app business is scheduled to launch today, but the fact that it’s not open doesn’t mean it hasn’t been attracting media attention black desert beim herunterladen ist ein fehler aufgetreten. On Friday, Apple filed a lawsuit claiming that Amazon’s use of the “Appstore” name violates Apple’s “app store” trademark how can I apps on pc. Representatives from Amazon have not commented specifically on the lawsuit, but have been stressing the differences between their technology and Apple’s minecraft with account.

Although both build applications for promotional electronics, Apple focuses on the iPhone and iPad while Amazon provides apps for Android phones and tablets powerpoint kostenlos vollversion windows. Furthermore, using their vast e-commerce experience, Amazon’s Appstore will be able to recommend apps based on users’ past purchases. For example, if I bought a Chicago Bears jersey on Amazon, the platform may suggest that I purchase an app to provide me with NFL stats and scores kostenlos herunterladen spiele.

As consumers await Amazon’s Appstore launch and the pending lawsuit, they are turning their attention to other news from the promotional electronics industry: the alleged AT & T Inc sendungen aus mediatheken downloaden. and T-Mobile USA merger.

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Jam Along to this Year’s Grammy Winners on Your Promotional MP3 Player

minecraft herunterladen vollversion

If you watched the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards this weekend – or if you’ve been on the Internet at all since they’ve aired – you’ve probably gotten wind of the many surprises that characterized the show, from Best New Artist (Esperanza Spalding) to Album of the Year (indie band Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs) el capitan mac herunterladen. You may have seen a performance, watched a video, or listened to a song clip from a band or artist who you became interested in as a result of the Grammys, or even downloaded a new album onto your promotional MP3 player ebooks kostenlos downloaden deutsch illegal.

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Replace Your Sony Walkman with a Promotional MP3 Player

After 30 years, the Sony Walkman has officially been retired – and unlike Brett Favre, I have a feeling it won’t be back anytime soon herunterladen. As the first low-cost, portable music player, the Walkman (originally called the Soundabout in the US) made it possible for people to listen to music anywhere herunterladen. In a society of people who are always on the go, this is a luxury that many of us take for granted.

Nowadays, people love their music, and they want to have it with them everywhere: during their daily commute, at the gym, even at the grocery store herunterladen. Help your customers jam all day long with a promotional MP3 player kostenloses diashow programmen.

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