Are You Ready For Some Football?

That time of year is steadily approaching and I can hardly contain my excitement. Of all sports, my favorite is College Football. The sound of the marching bands, the cheering fans, the scents of sweat and grass filling the air; you can’t beat it. I have to say growing up in the Southeast the rivalries are brutal and I don’t know many other parts of the country that take their loyalty as seriously as those fans in the SEC.

Anderson ManciniEven if you aren’t a hardcore sports fanatic, it is always fun to be in the outdoors supporting student athletes in any venue. I have fond memories of my High School days with the cheerleaders and pep rallies giving us the chance to leave school early and gear up for the main event. I still have promotional products like mini footballs and pom-poms from those rallies.

In the spirit of the upcoming season, we at Pinnacle are gearing up, as well. Not only do we have an extensive product line of team gear, we have some of the coolest rally items, too. From Mini Plastic Footballs to Klicker Pom-Poms, we can get the spirit going. So no matter what sport or event you may be a fan of, we can help you spread the cheer!

Go Vols!

Sales and Marketing Production Assistant

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So You Think You Can Sponsor?

ikrichter-so-you-think-you-can-danceThis week the finale for the Emmy-nominated reality hit show So You Think You Can Dance airs on Fox television, but if you’re one of the 8.9 million viewers that tune in weekly you’ve already cleared your schedule for this Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8/7c to find out who America chooses as its favorite dancer. SYTYCD is one of my absolute favorite television shows (if you didn’t already know that from reading my bio and the answer to question 3 – What is the TV show you have to set your Tivo for?) and it is also a favorite among the other employees here at Pinnacle. And it is no surprise as since its debut with Season 1 in 2005, it has consistently been among the top in the ratings, generating spin off versions of the show in New Zealand, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, Canada, Germany, Greece, Poland, Malaysia, Norway, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Australia (whew!) with more countries in the works. The major triumph of the show, however, – while offering a unique opportunity for contestants ranging from national competition winners, to unknown street dancers – is that it has brought dance to the forefront of American culture and shown how this creative outlet can have such a positive impact on the nation’s youth.

Riding on the tails of this success are the sponsors of SYTYCD. Product placement and brand integration have become a huge part of the television industry, extending to the realm of reality TV, and their advertising strategies have become a lot more cultivated than just putting a company name or logo on the judges’ platform. One of the sponsors for season four of SYTYCD was Unilever’s Snuggle fabric softener. They used the show to market their new Snuggle with Fresh Release fabric softener. With its tagline, “Simply make a move and feel the freshness,” they tied the product into the dancing theme and furthered this connection with segments featuring contestants and viewers showing off their “Happy Dances.” Snuggle even had viewers submit their happy dance videos and sponsored a sweepstakes with a top prize of a trip to the show’s finale.

Although your company may not have a budget large enough to sponsor a television series like So You Think You Can Dance, there are sure to be tons of other organizations in your community that are looking for local corporations to aid in their causes, and in turn, provide exposure to your brand. Sponsoring a team or event is one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed. Sponsor a local youth sports team and have your company name and logo imprinted on the sleeve of their athletic and team wear, giving you tons of brand visibility. You can even customize a schedule magnet to give out to fans, displaying the team’s game schedule, and your company’s name and logo. Parents and fans will be sure to support your company, as you have supported their team.

Be sure to tune in to the So You Think You Can Dance finale this week to find out whom America votes as its favorite dancer (I’m rooting for Kayla!) and don’t forget to pay attention to all of the corporate sponsors!

Creative Writing Intern

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101 Uses for Promotional Hacky Sacks

kick-bagOkay, so maybe just 6 uses so far, but I got your attention, didn’t I?

Did you know that July 27 – August 2 is World Footbag (Hacky Sack) Week? John Stalberger and Mike Marshall invented the footbag in 1972. Today, the footbag is more commonly known in the United States as the “Hacky Sack,” which is the trademarked name of one particular type of footbag. The name “Hacky Sack” is actually a genericized trademark used to refer not only to the footbag itself, but also to the game of footbag. In the traditional hacky sack circle, two or more players compete to keep the footbag from hitting the ground without the ball touching their hands.

Aside from facilitating a fun and competitive sport, footbags can be used for many other purposes. Keep reading for a few of my suggestions:

1. To promote your brand. Well, I work for a promotional products company, so of course this is going to be my first idea! Our promotional hacky sack can be custom imprinted with your brand’s logo or marketing message to become a unique, enjoyable promotional product. Any item that encourages employees or clients to let loose and engage in a friendly athletic competition is bound to maximize exposure for your company. Pens and office accessories always make for practical branded giveaways, but products that people can enjoy in their leisure time with their families and friends also have potential to turn into favorite possessions. Imagine one of your clients gathering his or her family for a weekend at the beach and being asked by their children, “Did we pack that hacki bag that you got from _____ (fill in your brand name here!)?” Your company can become a household name as a result of a distinctive promotional giveaway like the hacki bag.

2. As a stress reliever. While this should not be the primary purpose of a hacki bag, if a true stress ball is not available, a hacki bag can be a suitable substitute to let out some aggression. It is slightly less squeezable than a stress ball, but can definitely provide a wrist workout in a pinch!

3. Doubles as a paperweight. Heavy, eye-catching, compact. All qualities that are desirable in a paperweight. When customers or employees are not using your hacki bag in one of the other ways outlined on my handy list, why not encourage them to set it on top of their important papers?

4. Portable fitness accessory. Playing hacky sack burns an estimated 281 calories per hour! Healthcare or medical companies can incorporate this product into an informational campaign about the importance of exercise and wellness. We offer hacki bags shaped like footballs or basketballs, which are likely to be broken out for impromptu games at the office because they are probably going to be kept on desktops as paperweights (see Use #3).

5. As a weapon. Well, a playful “weapon,” that is. If a coworker is getting on your last nerves, toss a hacki bag their way. It is lightweight enough not to hurt them, and you can work on your pitching arm at the same time.

6. To prevent clients/employees from resorting to using their cell phones as kick bags… Watch this really cool Vodafone footbag commercial to see what I mean!

Any item that can fill this many unique needs in a person’s life is certain to be a successful promotional tool.

Can you think of any other creative uses for a hacki bag? Leave us a comment with your ideas and maybe we can eventually reach 101 uses!

Marketing Coordinator

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What Not to Wear: Pinnacle Promotions Edition

davidsonscott15TLC created an entire show based on it. Glamour magazine has a monthly column dedicated to it. Now, Pinnacle Promotions is entering the scene: fashion rule-breakers beware! Celebrities are often criticized because of unsightly wardrobe faux pas, but the press is becoming more and more mindful of crimes of fashion committed by ordinary people. Pinnacle employees are typically trendy, well-groomed young professionals, but sometimes (and I mean VERY rarely!), one of us will slip up and fall prey to a capital offense.

This fashion victim, who shall remain nameless, should have thought more carefully about leaving his house on the weekend in this outfit. If only he had taken advantage of the stylish apparel offered by his own employer! Here is a brief breakdown of this offender’s criminal actions:

GUILTY: Cutoff Jean Shorts. I mean, this look may have been en vogue in the early ‘90s… but it is now 2009! Yes, the heat in Atlanta tends to be unbearable, but I cannot think of any occasion that would justify a twenty-something year old male in an urban setting rocking this style in public (except maybe Halloween!). There are an enormous variety of alternatives that could provide equal or greater comfort while keeping this individual out of the limelight because of outdated clothing decisions. For example, why not turn to lightweight and sport tek® mesh shorts as lounge-wear? A daytime look that alludes to athleticism is a great way to clue nearby members of the opposite sex into the fact that you enjoy working out and flexing your muscles!

GUILTY: Styrofoam Cup. I may have let this one slide if he happened to be sporting the “look you can’t tell if what I am drinking contains alcohol or not because it is in a concealed red plastic cup” college-style solo cup; however, he has chosen to indulge in his liquid concoction in a non-biodegradable, earth-polluting polystyrene foam container! As anyone who has been paying attention to the latest trends in “green” fashion knows, there are plenty of fashionable eco-friendly alternatives to such environmentally harmful products, as can be found on Pinnacle Promotions website under the category of recycled promotional products. For example, Mr. Fashion Victim, should have traded in his disposable cup for a biodegradable, reusable and recyclable Stadium Cup made from recycled materials. As they say: “Green” is the new black!

GUILTY: Trendy Sneakers Gone Wrong. Lately we’ve been seeing celebrities like Justin Timberlake conveying a ton of attitude by dressing down an Armani black suit with plain white sneakers on the red carpet. Sneakers seem to be running off the courts and onto the social scenes around the country, but the secret to pulling off this look is how you wear them. You may think that sneakers are the one fashion trend that doesn’t warrant much thought and consideration, but it is clean, crisp white sneakers that complement any outfit. Our fashion victim should have used a shoe polish kit to keep his footwear out of a fashion victim blog!

And finally, one trend that this mysterious walking fashion disaster is guilty of actually following: flashing a peace sign… Supporting the goal of world peace is always, without question a fashion DO! He definitely redeems himself in part because of this stylish hand gesture!

*Please note: the opinions stated in the above column are in no way representative of Pinnacle Promotions or its employees as a whole (just most of us!). The fashion victim selected for the purposes of this blog consented in advance to its creation and knows that this post is all in good fun. ☺

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Break Out Your Biking Gear!

The Tour de France is one of the oldest and most prestigious bicycle races in the world. The 96th annual Tour de France began on July 4th and continues through July 26th, covering over 2000 miles of France and its neighboring countries. The 23 day race draws some of the most esteemed cyclists from across the globe, and on-going television coverage allows those of us unable to jetset to Europe for the race to watch it from the comfort of our own homes.

Whether your customers or employees are aspiring Lance Armstrongs or just cycle to stay in shape, all bikers require the same basic items during their rides. Promotional products related to cycling can make great “thank you” gifts, holiday presents, or general giveaways. Versatile ideas include water bottles and reflective backpacks, both of which can be enjoyed by non-bikers and bikers alike. Not only are these options practical, but they also increase visibility of your brand and logo around the community.

The “green” movement taking the planet by storm has inspired many people to bike to work rather than drive, as automobiles release large quantities of harmful pollutants into the air. Reward environmentally conscious employees with an EarthSmart™ award plaque made from recycled materials. This gift recognizes their dedication to sustainable causes in a manner that is consistent with their eco-friendly actions.

Inspire your colleagues and clients to venture out into the fresh air for a bicycle ride toting custom products featuring your company’s logo and message!

Marketing Assistant

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Go Team!

JohnRH4I was checking my email today and stumbled across an email from one of our apparel manufacturers. They only sell collegiate sportswear and they do it well! Their casual plaid patterns, over-sized sweatshirts and casual tees brought me back to my early college days.

Back then nothing was better than waking up and changing into my pajama-like outfit to go to my 8am classes. I mean, you wanted to look like you just rolled out of bed, but you had to be clean!

Still to this day one of my favorite fall weekend sweaters is my gray Champion® crew-neck sweatshirt with ‘Georgia State University’ across the front. And there is nothing better than throwing on my sweats and bumming around on those lazy afternoons.

Now, as the end of summer nears and the start of the new school year approaches, it’s the perfect time to think about your back-to-school promotions. Outfit your students and teachers with great promotional crewneck sweatshirts. They’ll wear them now, and, if they’re anything like me, I guarantee they’ll wear them until the sleeves fall off! And since we only sell the highest quality merchandise, manufactured by the most respected brands, that isn’t likely to happen.

If branded spiritwear isn’t your thing, try a messenger bag or even custom spirit accessories like hand fans, sports horns or foam footballs. No matter what promotion you choose, you’ll get your students, teachers and parents ramped up for the start of a new year. And with tons of people touting your name, you’ll get tons of inexpensive brand exposure!

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Spice it Up!

Looking for a way to season up your marketing efforts over the hot summer? Think back to those carnivals and fairs you attended when you were a kid… You’d play tons of expensive games just to win that cute stuffed animal. Apply that logic this summer to your marketing strategy. Why not add a contest into your normal marketing mix?! Whether for your internal employees, customers or both, a fun and interactive contest or game is a great way to boost business.

Develop an interactive game to include for a short time on your website. Let your clients know in an e-blast and drive traffic to your site. We can all get a little anxious on those beautiful summer afternoons. Send your customers a link to your contest or game and offer them a five-minute break from the stressors of the day. Have a little fun with your marketing! They’ll appreciate your efforts and remember you for it. Offer branded apparel and summer-appropriate prizes like picnic sets to winners. Participants have fun while participating and are always thrilled to leave with a prize.

When your prizes are fun imprinted products that promote your company, you make clients happy while boosting your business. And while you’re at it, don’t forget your employees! Have leftover giveaways from your contest? Use them at your summer employee cookout. The summer is a great time to show them your appreciation. Give out new corporate apparel or even an imprinted cooler. Its always a great time to show you care!

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Don’t Forget About Dad…


web4camguyThis Sunday is Father’s Day (and my baby’s due date), so I’m hoping my husband will get to celebrate his first Father’s Day. He has been very excited that our child’s birthday could land right on Father’s Day and hopefully be a very memorable day in our family. I’m just ready to have this baby… 9 months is a long time!

If you’re like me and have had a lot on your mind lately, you probably have waited until the last minute to find the perfect gift for Dad. It seems that most Dads already have everything, but catering to their hobbies and interests is the best way to guarantee he’ll be happy with your gift. My dad is obsessed with golf, so basically any golf-related gift is sure to be a hit from a premium golf shirt to personalized golf balls or a golf towel. Golf gifts are great because I know he’ll use the gift regularly when he is out on the course. Other great father’s day gift ideas are promotional tools for the handy man, computer accessories for the high-tech dad and a classic gift idea for any dad is a watch.

No matter what gift you decide on this Father’s Day, remember it’s the thought that counts. Spending quality time with the ones you love is the best gift you can give.

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The Lakers Win Another One!


Last night the L.A. Lakers beat the Orlando Magic 99-86 in game five to make it their 15th championship victory.  No one was happier than Finals MVP player, Kobe Bryant.  Last night’s win gives him his 4th NBA Title.  Basketball history was made and another NBA season comes to a close.

Now brand marketers are starting to think about next season and the marketing and sponsorship opportunities that will follow.  Who will be the next star player?  What endorsement deals could be signed?  What cool and unique promotional products and imprinted apparel can we use at the basketball games next season?  The marketing round tables are filled with ideas of how next year’s marketing and branding will be better than the last.  There are literally thousands of basketball promotional items to consider from the Mini Basketball & Hoop Set to the unique Basketball Girl Lip Balm.  A promotional product is a great interactive marketing piece that people can touch, hold and keep with them long after the game ends.

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Love Means Nothing to a Tennis Player!

DaveMontPhotography-tennisnet/ballDon’t let that saying fool you… tennis players take their game very seriously. May is National Tennis Month and for tennis players and spectators alike, it is the beginning of the exciting summer tournament season! With the French Open already underway and Wimbledon fast approaching, many people are headed out to the courts to work on their serve and ground strokes. Tennis is a great sport for all ages and really brings the community together, especially in the summer months.

There are many sponsored tennis leagues and charity tournaments that provide an excellent opportunity to promote your company or organization. Why not hand out imprinted tennis ball stress balls at your local charity tournament? Another great tennis promotional item that has great visibility is a tennis ball car magnet with your company’s logo and information. People like to have unique bumper stickers on their cars, but don’t always want it to be permanent; what better way than a magnet that can be easily be removed if needed? This has been a huge hit for local tennis clubs and national tennis leagues.

So whether you head out on the tennis court or just watch your favorite tennis pro on television, help celebrate National Tennis Month this May!

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