Tech Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Over the last decade, technology has advanced rapidly with the widespread use of the internet, laptop computers and smartphones. It seems like every day there’s an announcement of a new tech gadget devised to make our lives easier. With so many new products on the market, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends in tech, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite inventions to make your life easier. Learn more about these great products and how you can use them to promote your business. 

Everyone appreciates receiving free gifts, so why not give away some of these awesome and useful products as promotional items? When you opt to order products that prospective clients will actually use, it’s much more likely that they’ll remember your brand and come to you when they require your products or services. Giving the gift of a valuable tech gadget will reflect back on your business, showing that you care about customers and helping your company to stand out.

Custom PopSockets

Everyone has experienced that moment when they’re using their cell phone in bed and they accidentally drop it. Or, maybe they’ve been in a public place trying to show friends or family members a video on their phone but not everyone can see the screen from where it’s placed in their hand. Though these aren’t major life issues, they can be small daily annoyances. To combat these problems, PopSockets were invented

These small circular objects can be attached to the back of your cell phone and pop out to help you grip your phone or to double as a phone stand, turning your mobile device into a mini TV. 

For a unique promotional product, your company can order custom PopSockets with your brand logo. People are sure to love your custom PopSockets because they’re an interesting item that stands out from other promotional products and solves a problem that everyone experiences. 

Here are a few of our favorite custom PopSockets to use to spread brand awareness:

PopSocket and Mount Retail Bundle

PopSocket Phone Grip & Mount

A standard custom PopSocket design, this promotional product is available in black with a blank white surface to provide plenty of room for your chosen logo design. You can opt to imprint just your logo over the white circle or overlay your logo onto another color to make the custom design pop. 

The included mount adds another great feature to these custom PopSockets, allowing users to attach the mount to their car dashboard or any other location where they’d like to mount their phone on a regular basis. Your clients will be able to drive handsfree with ease or watch television on their phones without having to prop it up or hold it for the entirety of the show. 

Aluminum PopSocket 

Aluminum PopSocket

If you’re looking to order a different type of custom PopSocket to give away as a promotional item, try ordering these beautiful aluminum PopSockets available in space gray, rose gold, sapphire, ruby, gold or black. With this promotional product, you have a variety of options for customization. Upload your company’s logo to our site, and we’ll laser engrave your image onto these custom PopSockets, guaranteeing that your logo won’t fade or rub off over time. 

Custom flash drives

Whether they are used for work files, vacation photos or as a backup storage device, flash drives are popular with nearly every adult because they are such a useful method for storing and transporting important data. Gifting custom flash drives is the perfect way to capture your target audience’s attention, and because most people carry these devices around with them, there are even more opportunities for people to notice your brand on promotional flash drives and remember your business for future use.  

Check out some of our favorite custom flash drives: 

Norcross Promotional USB DriveNorcross Promotional USB Drive

Our most popular custom flash drive, the Norcross Promotional USB Drive features an advantageous metal cap to protect the USB port from dirt and damage. A convenient clip also allows people to attach this custom flash drive to their keys, backpack or any other item used to transport work-related items. Available in more than 20 colors, these custom flash drives are easy to personalize with your own company logo.

Full Bleed Swivel USBFull Bleed Swivel USB

Piedmont USB DrivePiedmont USB DriveThe design of the Piedmont USB Drive is slightly different than these other two custom flash drive options because it features a plastic detachable covering. Screen print your logo onto these USB drives, which are finished with a durable, rubber coating and include a black lanyard for easy transportation.

Wall chargers

In our tech-centric world, chargers are a vital part of everyday life. Cell phones and computers are items most people engage with on a daily basis, so using promotional items that are associated with these objects can help expose your brand to future customers. Wall chargers are an item that most people own more than one of because they may need to charge their phones in multiple locations. Your customers will always appreciate receiving a backup wall charger. Try customizing some of these chargers and giving them out at your next trade show or company event.

All-In-One Retractable Charger

All-in-One Retractable Charging Cable

A unique type of wall charger, this All-In-One Retractable Charger is designed to compactly store the product’s wire in a circular plastic case, preventing the cable from getting tangled or damaged. Choose from six different colors: black, white, green, red or blue. Then, design your logo to be printed on the retractable compartment. 

Light Up AdapterLight Up Adapter

Designed for the tech-savvy users, this light-up adapter has the capability to charge up to three different devices at the same time. With one USB charger and three mini USB plugs, this wall charger is intended for people who own Android devices, though another adapter can be purchased to allow iPhone users to take advantage of this wall charger as well. When your devices are plugged in, the wall charger will light up, letting you know that the device is connected. 

MFi Lightning Cable

A traditional iPhone charger, this MFi Lightning cable has a simple design with a thin, white cord created to charge Apple devices. This item is a certified Apple product, but if you’re looking to customize a wall charger, you can add your logo to the USB end charging piece. 

Other helpful tech gadgets you can use as promotional products

Bluetooth keyboards

Bluetooth Keyboard

Anyone who uses a tablet device will love owning a Bluetooth keyboard. Connect your device to one of these keyboards, and you’ll be able to type wirelessly on any tablet or mobile product. Tablets are a great alternative to laptops when traveling, but it can be tough to type large blocks of text on the touch screen. Our Bluetooth keyboards help solve this problem. These products are still small enough to fit into any travel or work bag while allowing you to do more with your tablet. Though more expensive than other promotional products, Bluetooth keyboards may be a good giveaway option for promotional contests or as a fancy appreciation gift for new clients. 

Portable speaker

Portable Speaker

Portable speakers have revolutionized the way that we listen to music. Using a Bluetooth connection, these devices can connect to and play music from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The most convenient aspect of portable speakers is the fact that you can bring them anywhere—the beach, on vacation or to a friend’s house. Customize one of our portable speakers and offer these high-quality products during a company giveaway to attract new consumers. 

Selfie sticks

Mini Selfie Stick

Developed as a response to people using the front-facing cameras on smartphones to take photos of themselves, selfie sticks help to capture these types of photos by extending your reach. With a selfie stick, users are able to include the background into their selfie, which is typically useful while visiting a unique location. This promotional item is a fun product that people will love using. Customize your selfie sticks and distribute them at your next event. 

Travel adapters

Octopus Mini Cable

Thanks to the internet, people are able to take time off while still using their computers to finish work projects on-the-go. Most workers can identify with that feeling of panic when they’ve almost completed a task, but their battery is about to die and they don’t have the proper charger. With these travel adapters, your clients can keep multiple types of chargers on hand so they never have to worry about their computer shutting down before they’ve completed their tasks. 

Ear buds

Color Pop Earbuds

Another tech gadget that current and prospective clients love are ear buds.  They make the perfect item to include in new hire welcome kits or to give away at events. If your company is involved in the music industry, ear buds are an even better option for promotional products as this is an item you know your target audience will actually use. Ear buds are available in bright colors and neutral tones so you can choose from dozens of options. If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, you can opt to order wireless headphones.

Tips for ordering your promo gadgets

Place your order in advance

If you’re interested in giving away some of these promotional items like custom flash drives and wall chargers at a particular event, be sure to plan ahead! Placing your bulk order well in advance will ensure that there is enough time for our team to create the perfect promotional products for your business. Most of our products take between five to 10 days to produce, but if you’re in a bind and need promotional products quickly, we do have a selection of 24-rush items, including custom pens, coffee mugs and journals. 

Be sure to send in the correct art files

To avoid any delays in production or issues with printing your promotional products, download our art requirements and double check that your file meets our requirements. Files should be sent as vector art saved from Adobe Illustrator in an AI or EPS format. Do not try to send artwork that is less than 300 DPI resolution and avoid sending any files in the following formats: QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, CorelDraw, Publisher or Freehand as we are not able to accommodate these file types. 

Consider what type of imprint you want

Though some products are only available in one type of imprint due to the type of fabric or material it is made from, other items are available in multiple options. Research and determine which method will be best for the type of promotional product you’re looking for and check with our team to ensure this is the right option. 

Get the best quality promotional products from Pinnacle Promotions

Take your marketing efforts to the next level when you order some of these tech gadgets to be personalized as promotional products. Custom PopSockets will standout on potential customers’ cell phones. Wall chargers and custom flash drives are items that people can use every day, encouraging them to re-engage with your brand each time they see the logo. 

Once you’ve selected which items are the best choices for your business, you can upload your image to our site, and our promo experts will create beautiful products you can give out at any event, trade show or giveaway.

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