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We’ve all been there: that 4:30 in the afternoon meeting where your caffeine-rush has tapered off, you’re either too hot or too cold, and you can literally hear the wall clock slowly ticking away each second. Remember those meetings when you feel like you’re in the danger zone of napping off into sleepy oblivion instead of paying attention to reports and charts? For those meetings and all others, we’ve got you covered with a Meeting Survival Kit. See below for how you can win one of the great kits!

First off, congrats on being the Bear Grylls of the board room, the Lewis and Clark of unexplored Excel spreadsheets, the Davy Crocket of… well you get the gist of where we’re going with this. Our Meeting Survival Kit has all the latest and greatest in helping you survive even the lengthiest of meetings. It features our former deal of the month, the thirst quenching 24 oz. Gulp. This promotional tumbler perfect either for  your favorite caffeinated soda or your triple espresso shot coffee, the Gulp should always be at your side in any meeting. It’s available in 9 colors so if you’re looking for a tumbler that’s either a neutral or a stand-out bright, you’ll be sure to find your perfect match.

The next essential in your kit is the Ambassador Bound Journal. This bound journal is the perfect size for jotting down meeting notes or producing some of the world’s best meeting doodles (want some inspiration? Check out Buzzfeed’s list of best meeting doodles here or the aptly named notes from meetings). Best of all, this journal is sturdy enough to endure being thrown into briefcases and tote bags all while keeping your notes safe and at hand.

The Meeting Survival Kit is rounded off by two can’t-live-without items: The ColorReveal Click Ballpoint and the Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus. Ever had that moment of blind panic when you sit down in a meeting and realize you’ve brought everything but a pen? I imagine it’s akin to traveling in the desert and noticing you’ve forgotten to bring a water bottle. Now you can clip this comfortable ballpoint pen to the Ambassador Bound Journal elastic closure and you’ll always have a pen nearby. Looking for a little more multi-function in your pen? Every surivior man is always extolling the virtues of items with multiple functions and it’s a mentality that translates perfectly into meetings. So if you’re using a tablet to take your notes, check out the Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus. Looks and function combine perfectly in this ballpoint stylus, and it has you covered whether you’re taking notes on your iPad or your jotter.

Now that we’ve enticed you with the sheer awesomeness of the Meeting Survival Kit, we want to help arm you for your next meeting. We’re hosting a giveaway that ends on June 28th. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions in the widget below and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 2 Meeting Survival Kits or one of our Deluxe Meeting Kits (filled with a few surprise tech goodies). Leave us a comment with what your meeting essential item is or tell us what meeting you didn’t survive for extra entries!

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amanda assencoa

One night i had to watch my aunts children, your thinking maybe one or two right no she just had 4 kids!!! all newborn and two dogs. I thought i could handle it thought they would be sleeping well no they were up crying all night needing feeding changing, not to mention their dogs are like children too needing attention every second of the day. long story shot i got only a hour and a half sleep i had a big meeting with my boss and her boss and the CEO of the company! not only did i look horrible from not getting any sleep, i forgot my notes also!

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