An Unusual Coffee Drink

If you’re like me, you like to treat yourself to a coffee shop drink every now and again (I’m partial to the soy latte myself). I’d go every morning if it weren’t for two things – 1. I don’t drive pass a coffee shop on my way to work and 2. It can get expensive. But if you thought a $4 coffee drink was expensive, that’s nothing compared to the most expensive drink you can get at Starbucks.


Creative Commons License photo credit: @Doug88888

Blogger Logan A. Warren decided to find out just how expensive a drink he could get. He had received a gift certificate for a free Starbucks drink and decided to milk it (no pun intended) for all it was worth. And all it was worth turned out to be a whopping $23.60. For one drink!

How did Logan manage to do it? Well, here’s what he got:

• A Trenta sized Java Chip Frappuccino ($4.75)
• 16 shots of espresso ($12.00)
• 1 shot soy milk ($.60)
• Caramel Flavoring ($.50)
• Banana Puree ($1.00)
• Strawberry Puree ($.60)
• Vanilla Beans ($.50)
• Matcha Powder ($.75)
• Protein Powder ($.50)
• Caramel and Mocha drizzle ($.60)

While it’s sure to keep you awake throughout the workday, chances are, you probably aren’t sipping on this 1400 caffeine bomb at your desk. If you prefer your morning joe a bit less…caffeinated, take a look at our selection of coffee mugs.

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