Throw a Cheap and Chic Royal Wedding Party with Inexpensive Giveaways (and Some Creativity!)

The royal wedding is this Friday! Check our blog for daily updates featuring our favorite promotional products that celebrate the marriage of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

Royal Wedding Party - Bosnia

Across the pond in England, many promotional product suppliers are working with distributors to offer an array of “royal wedding” related inexpensive giveaways, including tea tins, bookmarks, bags, and even alcoholic beverages. According to Neil Saunders, consulting director of retail researchers Verdict, the sale of royal wedding merchandise could exceed $42.5 million (£26 million). UK based trade association for the advertising specialty industry, PROMOTA, has even gone so far as to create an entire web site for suppliers to upload images of wedding related products which they have designed.

With promotional options starting as low as $1 (royal crown bookmarks) and hitting prices as high as $3000 (an 18k white gold replica of Kate’s engagement ring), you can invest as much or as little as you would like in celebrating Friday’s royal nuptials.

Many people are throwing parties to watch the festivities with friends and family from home, so here are a few ideas on how to stage a memorable viewing party of your own using handmade and store-bought inexpensive giveaways.

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-Because coverage of the wedding events begins at the crack of dawn in the US, plan a sleepover to soak in every minute of the action. Allow guests to wear their favorite pajamas, but make sure that nobody is caught without an elaborate hat! Purchase blank straw hats at a party supply store and provide paint, jewels, glitter and fabric flowers for attendees to use for decoration. Award prizes like promotional sashes, gloves, or other inexpensive giveaways for categories like “Most Likely to be Worn by the Queen” and “Most Likely to be Seen in Fashion Magazines Next Season.”

-Serve black tea to guests out of an assortment of promotional coffee mugs (see Kelsey’s “Promotional Mugs for Royalty” post from yesterday for a few options).

-Promotional balloons emblazoned with the Union Jack are ideal, but if they are unavailable on such short notice, opt for red, white and blue balloons instead. Apply this color scheme throughout your décor.

-During commercial breaks, listen to a royal wedding playlist featuring artists like Queen, Prince, Kings of Leon, and Michael Jackson (the King of Pop!).

Do you have any other ideas to add to the list? Please leave a comment below!

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