Time for a New Cell Phone Holder

I recently had to answered the question, “What are three things you couldn’t live without?” and the first thing that came to mind was my iPhone.  Cell phones and smartphones have become such an integral part of everyday life that I just can’t imagine life without them.  Kids these days (wow, I feel old saying that) get their first phone in grade school!  I personally got my first cell phone when I graduated college…but I digress.   The point is that almost everyone has one and the market for promotional cell phone accessories is booming.  Probably the most essential cell phone accessory is a cell phone case, but I would argue that the close second is the cell phone holder.

I have had the same silver cell phone holder on my desk for 3 years.  I love that my iPhone has a nice, upright resting place next to my computer.  At the first buzz, ding or vibration I can easily see who’s trying to communicate with me.  I’ve been thinking it might be time for me to get a new cell phone holder, so I started shopping around and this is what I came up with…











Option #1: Ear Bud Media Stand

The Ear Bud Media Stand holds ear buds in a storage compartment in the bottom which is nice.  It would be great for when I’m traveling and want to listen to music.












Option #2: Collapsible Phone Stand

The Collapsible Phone Stand comes in a variety of colors… I have my eye on the purple one!  It also features a non-slip pad so my phone will stay securely in place












Option #3: Novae Custom Phone Holder With Frame

The Novae Phone Holder features a 2″ x 3″ frame which would be nice to display a picture of my family or an inspiring quote.  The black leatherette with white piping would definitely look nice on my desk.











Option #4: The Coloma Cell Phone Holder

Definitely the most contemporary of all the options.  My iPhone would look futuristic sitting in there with the option to be horizontal or vertical.  I can see the horizontal option being nice for watching videos.










Option #5: Kickstand Phone Holder

The Kickstand Phone Holder is small enough to fit in your back pocket but big enough to hold tablets.  Right now I only have a Kindle, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be getting an iPad for my birthday.  This might give my husband the “hint hint” he needs!


Honestly I’d be happy with any of these options… oh decisions, decisions!  Which Cell Phone Holder would you pick?  Please help me decide in the comments below.  Thanks!



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