Top 5 Halloween Promotional Products

So it’s the end of September and the retail stores have had their Halloween candy and costumes out for weeks! I have to admit, I love this time of year and really get into Halloween and the fun that surrounds it. At Pinnacle we always dress up, have a party and eat waaay too much food and candy. I still need to figure out costumes for this year and have been scouring Pinterest for unique, DIY ideas.

Pinnacle’s Halloween Party 2011

Halloween is a great holiday that everyone loves to celebrate. Take this opportunity to market your company or organization in a fun, memorable way. Here are my Top 5 Halloween promotional products picks.

1) Pumpkin Drawstring Backpack

A great alternative to the disposable trick-or-treating bags and is much more functional for kids to wear instead of carrying. The jack o’ lantern stock art comes pre-printed on the front of each bag in reflective ink.

2) Gummy Fish Candy Bag

I love gummy candies and these assorted gummy fish are no exception!  Perfect 7 oz bag size to hand out or mail to clients on Halloween.

3) Glow in the Dark Stadium Cup

Let’s face it, things that glow in the dark are just cool!  Hold this cup up to a light source, turn out the lights, and it glows.  Perfect for taking your drink with you when trick or treating.

4) Life Gear Glow Stick

Wear this glow stick around your neck to make sure you’re seen even when it’s dark.  Includes emergency signaling options: whistle, 200 hour LED glow stick, emergency flasher mode and LED flashlight.  Product that can be worn on Halloween night and then kept in your car for emergencies.

5) Magic Answer Ball

Sometimes you need help answering some of life’s tougher questions… The Magic Answer Ball can make the final call!  This retro toy is a perfect Halloween promotional product to hand out at festivals, parades and parties.


And there you have it… my Top 5 Halloween Promotional Product picks this year.  Hope you got some ideas and inspiration and let me know if you have any great DIY costume ideas in the comments below.


-Merchandising Coordinator

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