Trips to the Water Cooler, Staring Off into Space, and Chewing on Pen Caps Just Not Cutting It Anymore?

sunshinecityHave no fear- Pinnacle Promotions may have just what you need to help your employees and/or customers observe National Anti-Boredom Month! Experts have proven that taking regular breaks during the workday can actually increase productivity. A little creativity never hurt anyone, and providing workers with mentally stimulating, fun office toys is a great way to enhance job satisfaction.

Custom imprinted cube puzzles are a throwback to the classic Rubik’s Cube, but manage to subtly incorporate your brand’s logo into the challenge. Designate a few minutes a day for employees to work on the puzzle. You can even consider rewarding the first person who is able to solve it- friendly competition enables coworkers to interact and can foster a sense of community within the office.

This Perplexia Master Pyramid is another desktop game that can keep recipients’ hands (and minds!) busy during moments of downtime. Brainteasers and mind games have an inherent stress-relief quality that is beneficial to hard-working professionals, and they may therefore view this gift as an escape from the pressures of everyday life. It is certain to spark discussion among office visitors.

Lastly, the Promotional Slide Puzzle is an inexpensive option to distribute at sponsored events or business meetings. It is an innovative item to integrate with a specific campaign or theme, as it features ample room on the front and back to accommodate your marketing message. The low price is an added bonus- you can’t afford NOT to purchase this popular promotional giveaway for your brand!

There is no reason for you to hear employees or clients complaining of boredom or burnout this month when so many exciting and unique Office Toys and Games are available to entertain them, while also advertising your business.

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