Trying to Drink More Water

On the scale of non-healthy to healthy, I definitely veer towards the healthy side.  I workout 4-5 times a week, I eat a mostly vegetarian diet (with some fish and seafood on occasion) and I get 8 hours of sleep a night.  But there’s one thing that I am absolutely terrible at: drinking water.

Water Faucet

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I just think water tastes so boring, you know?  And I guess I’m just not a particularly thirsty person either.  But I know it’s good for me and this year, I resolved to drink more.  First off, I started using a fun piece of drinkware. And by fun, I mean that I sit at my desk all day sipping water through a heart-shaped crazy straw.  To each his own.

While using a fun water bottle does help, a friend of mine told me about this free app called Waterlogged.  It tells you how much water to drink each day (you can change this) and as you drink, you record what you’ve been drinking.  It gives you the ability to upload pictures of your drinking vessel (see, not kidding about the heart-shaped crazy straw)…

Waterlogged app

and record how much water you’ve consumed.  Then it shows you how far you are to your goal.


It’s pretty simple, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of recording my water intake.  It’s 2:05 p.m. and I’m only halfway to my goal.  Better get drinking!

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