Unique Promotional Products & A Very Unusual Find

I am always open to inventive product suggestions. I get a thrill out of finding a truly unique product in the industry these days. I vividly recall the day that the promotional slap watch entered my life, and the day that I got my very own hoodie wearing water bottle.Reflecting on these discoveries, I continue to seek out the latest, greatest unique promotional products and obviously subsequent blog topics!

To help me on my search for these items, I have an open door policy when it comes to items and suggestions. I love it when my coworkers find products I’ve never seen before. So when Sarah blogged about the Candwich, I loved it. Inventive – even if a bit icky.

Now one of our beloved members of our IT department has presented an incredibly unique promotional product idea. I’m certain it’s not available in our industry yet (I’m actually not sure that it’s available in the country), but it definitely intrigued me – while simultaneously making me feel a bit queasy. It’s the Exhaust Grill.

Yes friends. I said Exhaust Grill. Designed to fully cook your burger conveniently on the exhaust pipe of your car!


Now there is some controversy about the effectiveness of this cooking mechanism. Some feel that the exhaust might not heat your burger to an appropriately safe temperature. But I think only time and testing will tell.

While I will forever be passing on this mobile delight, it definitely is something to see!


I suppose that is a good point, Sarah. Though I think I might just stick to the traditional grill for now.

I’ll admit, it is pretty gross… but just think about how much time it would save. Dinner could be ready as soon as you walked in the door after work!

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