Upcoming Trends in Promotional Apparel

If promotional apparel is in your company’s marketing plan for 2011, take note! A recent article from ASI Central highlights the top 7 apparel trends for 2011, many of which will likely make the transition from the runways to our website soon enough.

Author Jennifer Vishnevsky points out a number of trends that have been hot in 2010 and will continue into and through the new year – the distressed look that comes from comfortable, vintage-looking burnout tees and pigment dyes is here to stay, as are military-inspired items such as miltary caps, jackets, and outerwear. You’ll continue to see these styles in the mens, womens, and childrens sections of department stores.

In addition to comfy, broken-in looking apparel, Vishnevsky expects simple, clean lines and performance materials to be a popular choice for promotional apparel and retail stores alike. Technical fabrics that resist wrinkles and stains have been used to make polo shirts for business casual travelers and athletes for some time, but the same materials are now popping up in everything from headwear to shorts and pants for men and women. Similarly, neutral, solid-colored tops and minimal detail have replaced the Ed Hardy days of the past. Promotional apparel of 2011 will favor figure-flattering fits and crisp lines over grommets and embellishments.

These are just a few of the promotional apparel trends you can expect to see in the year to come – click here to read the rest of Vishnevsky’s observations and predictions.

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