Using Promotional Products to Promote Healthy Living

Health and fitness is an ever-present concern for our communities. From teaching healthy habits to our kids to encouraging adults to lead an active lifestyle, reinforcing positive habits is both beneficial and essential for a long and healthy life. Encourage your employees and families to get out and get active with fun promotional products to encourage this lifestyle change.

While fitness kits are a perfect option for most wellness initiatives, sometimes a more subtle item like an MP3 player can be a really positive gift. By giving your team a functional promotional product that they can easily wear while taking a morning walk or hitting the gym, you give a gentle nudge in the right direction.

My current favorite: the Slap-On Arm Band MP3 Player. Of course the fact that it’s a slap-on band is probably enough to make me want one, however, the energizing colors and soft silicon covering makes this player not only fashionable, but comfortable to wear. And as an added bonus, the MP3 player’s silicon cover doubles as protection for your player from bumps, drops and scratches.

The icing on the cake? Your recipients get a pretty cool promotional product and your brand gets extra exposure. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal for all parties involved.

Marketing Coordinator

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