What’s your promotional products story?

True story.

Wednesday night my parents came over to our new house to cook dinner for my husband and me. I know. Super sweet, huh?!

So we enjoy a delicious meal of home cooked Mexican fare. Beans, flour tortillas, spicy cheese dip. Yum. My Dad’s a pretty amazing cook :) .

So we shoot the breeze, discuss all that’s transpired over the last, oh, two days since we’ve seen each other. Then I begin my homeowner’s duty of cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.

So picture this. And trust me – time is now moving in slow motion.

I’m standing between the fridge and sink. My Dad shouts “heads up” and pitches a zippered bag full of diced onions across the kitchen to me so that I can stick them in the fridge. So I, with quite unparalleled talents, reach one hand up and seamlessly catch the small baggy in one hand.

Then it all goes terribly wrong.

The plastic baggy does not live up to its tried and tested zippered-action power. The bag opens and tiny bits of diced onion fly freely across the kitchen floor. (I actually don’t think I could EVER get that kind of floor coverage again!)

Being that these are onion pieces strewn about. I had to swing into action to get the smelly mess cleaned up quickly! So in two bounds I was in the laundry room and retrieved my broom. I swiftly gathered the onion bits into a large (I really don’t know how all of those onions fit into such a small bag to begin with!) pungent pile in the middle of the kitchen.

(Now at this time, I bet you’re wondering to your self: “Self. What in the world does this crazy girl’s story about flying onions have to do with promotional products – or at the very least – marketing?” Well trust me. You are about to have all of your perfectly legitimate questions answered.)

After perfecting the pile – which even required some minor sweeping of the carpet in the living room adjacent to the kitchen as well (those suckers can fly!) I went back to the laundry room. Put up my broom. And grabbed my…

wait for it…

promotional dustpan and broom.

Yes friends: my promotional dustpan and broom. It’s a small blue pan with a brush, complete with bright orange bristles and pink and orange flowers. The lovely promotional product was given to me by my husband’s grandfather (I think it was a little too on the girly side for him!) after a non-profit organization sent it to him.

And the moral of my story? Well it’s twofold:

1. Promotional products are everywhere. Even in your laundry room.
2. Never. I repeat. NEVER toss a zippered bag of onions. You don’t want to clean that up!


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