What Not to Wear: Pinnacle Promotions Edition

davidsonscott15TLC created an entire show based on it. Glamour magazine has a monthly column dedicated to it. Now, Pinnacle Promotions is entering the scene: fashion rule-breakers beware! Celebrities are often criticized because of unsightly wardrobe faux pas, but the press is becoming more and more mindful of crimes of fashion committed by ordinary people dorfleben kostenlos herunterladen. Pinnacle employees are typically trendy, well-groomed young professionals, but sometimes (and I mean VERY rarely!), one of us will slip up and fall prey to a capital offense.

This fashion victim, who shall remain nameless, should have thought more carefully about leaving his house on the weekend in this outfit. If only he had taken advantage of the stylish apparel offered by his own employer download images from icloud! Here is a brief breakdown of this offender’s criminal actions:

GUILTY: Cutoff Jean Shorts. I mean, this look may have been en vogue in the early ‘90s… but it is now 2009! Yes, the heat in Atlanta tends to be unbearable, but I cannot think of any occasion that would justify a twenty-something year old male in an urban setting rocking this style in public (except maybe Halloween!) route downloaden tomtom go. There are an enormous variety of alternatives that could provide equal or greater comfort while keeping this individual out of the limelight because of outdated clothing decisions. For example, why not turn to lightweight and sport tek® mesh shorts as lounge-wear jardinains kostenlos downloaden? A daytime look that alludes to athleticism is a great way to clue nearby members of the opposite sex into the fact that you enjoy working out and flexing your muscles!

GUILTY: Styrofoam Cup. I may have let this one slide if he happened to be sporting the “look you can’t tell if what I am drinking contains alcohol or not because it is in a concealed red plastic cup” college-style solo cup; however, he has chosen to indulge in his liquid concoction in a non-biodegradable, earth-polluting polystyrene foam container onedrive neu herunterladen! As anyone who has been paying attention to the latest trends in “green” fashion knows, there are plenty of fashionable eco-friendly alternatives to such environmentally harmful products, as can be found on Pinnacle Promotions website under the category of recycled promotional products. For example, Mr. Fashion Victim, should have traded in his disposable cup for a biodegradable, reusable and recyclable Stadium Cup made from recycled materials anschreiben vorlage downloaden. As they say: “Green” is the new black!

GUILTY: Trendy Sneakers Gone Wrong. Lately we’ve been seeing celebrities like Justin Timberlake conveying a ton of attitude by dressing down an Armani black suit with plain white sneakers on the red carpet counter strike source download deutsch kostenlos vollversion. Sneakers seem to be running off the courts and onto the social scenes around the country, but the secret to pulling off this look is how you wear them. You may think that sneakers are the one fashion trend that doesn’t warrant much thought and consideration, but it is clean, crisp white sneakers that complement any outfit your mixtape spotify. Our fashion victim should have used a shoe polish kit to keep his footwear out of a fashion victim blog!

And finally, one trend that this mysterious walking fashion disaster is guilty of actually following: flashing a peace sign… Supporting the goal of world peace is always, without question a fashion DO! He definitely redeems himself in part because of this stylish hand gesture!

*Please note: the opinions stated in the above column are in no way representative of Pinnacle Promotions or its employees as a whole (just most of us!) mudrunner kostenlos downloaden. The fashion victim selected for the purposes of this blog consented in advance to its creation and knows that this post is all in good fun. ☺

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