Who Says Promotional Products Can’t Be Sweet?!

promotional food and drink productOn the outside, today appears just like any other day. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that today is the perfect day to let loose, forget your diet, and indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. Why? Because today is National Junk Food Day!

Now you may ask, what qualifies a food as “junk food?” Scientifically speaking, junk food is anything that contains little or no nutritional value. Foods that are high in “empty calories,” fats, sugars and sodium are considered junk food. Don’t want to take the time to read the label? It’s safe to say, if Mom wouldn’t let you eat it, it’s probably junk food!

Whether your high-calorie treat of choice includes candy, potato chips, sugary soda, cake or cookies, take a break from your daily dietary routine and indulge a little! Now I’m not saying you should overdo it. In my personal experience, moderation is always best. You don’t want to end up with a nasty stomachache! But if you want an excuse to have that extra scoop of ice cream, just say it’s in the spirit of the day!

Fun and frivolous days like today can be great ways to promote your company. Break your target audience out of the monotony of the daily grind with an unexpected promotion. Distribute imprinted jellybean packets to your employees and customers. Or send a gourmet cookie tower to your best clients. They’ll “eat up” the promotion! And really, who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat every now and then?

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