Wired vs. Wireless Chargers: How to Choose

While wireless charging first came onto the scene around 2012, it really wasn’t until 2018 or so, when the iPhone 8 was released, that qi-enabled charging really became mainstream.

Sometimes new technology replaces old (ie: Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds, etc), but in other cases there’s a time and place for both new and old technology to shine.

Promotional charging devices are incredibly popular. As of February 2021, 85% percent of adults in the US own a smartphone. So it’s a no brainer to give them out as a promotional product. But do you choose wireless or wired? We can help you decide – just answer the following questions:

Do you want to charge more than one device at a time?

Go with wireless. A larger wireless charging pad can charge multiple devices at once.

Do you want faster charging?

Wired is the way to go. Wired chargers are 30-80% faster than their wireless counterparts.

Do you need to use your device while it’s charging?

We’ve all been there – phone is at 5% battery and you need to make a call. Only wired will work here. Using a cable to charge your phone while on it will slow down the charging, but is perfectly safe to do.

Do you want less wear and tear on your charging device?

Wireless for the win. No repeated plugging and unplugging will mean less damage to your charger.

Do you want a sleeker, more modern look?

Got to go with wireless in this case. There are no messy cables – simply put your device on the charging pad.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly option?

While all chargers come in a variety of price points, wired chargers are traditionally a less expensive choice.

Do you want to charge your device without removing its case or phone grip?

While there are some cases that will work with a wireless charger, many do not, so if you want to play it safe, choose wired.

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