Branded Mints

Refresh your brand with our selection of branded mints. Keep your breath minty fresh with custom breath mints that can be personalized to enhance your promotional efforts. Shop now and discover the perfect blend of branding and freshness for your marketing needs.

Amaze-mint! Excite-mint! Promotional mints!

Hey, buddy! How are you? I haven't seen you in, like, forever. C'mon over here and give me a big hug. It's great to —


A-hem. Sorry. We go way back, right? So I gotta be honest with you. You, my friend, have bad breath. The kind of dragon breath no ordinary mint can tame. No, you need these promotional mints from Pinnacle Promotions.

Are they stronger than other mints? Well, no, not necessarily. But these custom mints are definitely more awesome. See, I printed my company's logo on promotional mint tins, and so every time I hand out branded mints to people with — dude, back up, you're getting too close again — a particularly stunning form of halitosis, that person is not just grateful. He's noticing my brand, thinking about my business, and he becomes a fresh-breathed ambassador for my company.

Pinnacle Promotions can refresh your brand and give your audience a breath of fresh air with promotional mints and promotional mint tins. These custom mints pack a great marketing punch, and they're guaranteed to leave your audience wanting more. Get your corporate logo imprinted onto branded mints for a brand that makes a lasting (and minty-fresh) impression.

There are small mint tins, with adorably tiny custom mints inside. There are customizable gum packs, Starlight promotional mints, round mint tins, flip-top oval mints, and promotional mints in a tin tube. Pinnacle Promotions also has customized credit card mint dispensers, which are offered with fully branded full color decals for the ultimate branded look. They also have custom Twisting Mint Tins.

I hope you understand why I had to use tough love on you. No, I'm not ready for that hug yet. First you need to order many custom mints. All of the promotional mints. In tins, wrappers, whatever. And then put them in your mouth. All of them. At once. No, you may not use my phone to place your order. I will, however, give you this promotional mint tin, to get you started. Because I'm that kind of friend. You're welcome.