Custom Paper & Styrofoam Cups

Party favorites, the custom paper cups

Custom paper cups have been around since as far back as imperial China, where paper was invented and some smart dudes decided it was too much trouble to keep washing their dishes. Those teacups had been piling up in the sink, and it would be like, dude, Emperor, you gotta start cleaning up after yourself. And he'd be like, dude, I'm Emperor, I don't have to do anything. And thus custom paper cups were born. Or something like that.

You can carry on this strong tradition with custom paper coffee cups and, in a more modern twist, some custom styrofoam cups from Pinnacle Promotions. Print your logo or company information on custom paper cups and custom foam cups, and you'll not only make life easier for your employees and customers (or, perhaps, your loyal subjects) — you'll spread the word about your business and your brand with every sip.

After paper cups were invented in imperial China, they got an update in the 20th century, because back in the day it was pretty common to share glasses in school and at water barrels, and people got kinda ill. Not the good kind of ill. Nope — sick, sick, sick.

So really, you're helping to keep the world a healthier place when you use custom paper cups. Not just because of germs. Hand them out at trade shows and expos and you'll help keep attendees happily hydrated. And that's important. Even the emperor knew that.

Custom printed paper cups are perfect for outdoor events, trade show giveaways, company meetings and more. Set up your event table and get a little extra bang for your brand by serving coffee, tea and other drinks in your custom imprinted paper and foam cups. Not only are these custom cups perfect for brand recognition, but they also safeguard against cuts and injuries by eliminating the use of glass products!

Pinnacle Promotions can set you up with the perfect custom paper cups and custom foam cups for your brand and your budget. These drinking vessels — which come in a wide array of colors and sizes — are full of marketing possibilities, and perfect for your next company picnic, tailgate or community event. Gain a little extra brand recognition by stocking your next event table or trade show booth with custom paper coffee cups from Pinnacle Promotions.

So give Pinnacle Promotions a call today, and get some custom paper cups and custom styrofoam cups for your employees, customers, and friends. They're useful and convenient. No cleaning necessary, no crazy germs to share — even the emperor, in all his messy glory, would approve.