Every day is branding day with custom calendars

Gosh, you say, aren't custom calendars fun? It's just so satisfying, crossing out the days until, say, the six-year-old's violin recital or that colonoscopy. You say that promotional calendars remind you of how many days are left until your severance runs out, or until your mother-in-law moves in. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Sounds like you need an attitude adjustment, buddy. And Pinnacle Promotions can help. Promotional calendars are a great giveaway. They're a big part of people's lives, occupying important spots in their homes and offices and auto repair garages. Print your logo or company name on promotional calendars, hand them out your employees and customers, and they'll think of you and your brand every day of the year.

Pinnacle Promotions has all kinds of custom desktop calendars, custom wall calendars, and custom desk calendars — whatever suits you, your company, and your customers best. We have business calendars that feature those feel-good slogans from Motivations, with dynamic photographs and inspirational quotes on a sleek pad design. We have custom calendars with pictures of majestic wolves, cute puppies, pretty birds, and rugged cowboys. Oh, and kittens, too! Put a kitten on a promotional calendar, and you won't even dread the day you're set to turn and cough. Right? Because kittens make everything more fun!

Or maybe you'd like a custom Glow In The Dark Span-A-Year calendar, which offers a cool way to track your days and keep your brand visible, even in the darkest of times. Or perhaps you'd prefer a custom Presidents Hanger Span-a-year, which includes illustrations and biographical information of past presidents, as well as the Declaration of Independence in the background. Or how about a custom Take Out Triumph Calendar that looks like a to-go carton from an Asian restaurant? Or maybe you're going through a Modernist, or Cubist period. Then you should pick up the MoMA Cubes Perpetual Calendar, a handsome desktop piece with solid polystyrene cubes that show the month, date and day. Simply rotate cubes to show the correct date. Sounds soothing, doesn't it?

So stop complaining about what's next on your schedule, and pick up some promotional calendars from Pinnacle Promotions. You'll build up your brand. And maybe you'll stop seeing time pass like sands in the hourglass, and instead enjoy the all days of your life. Also: Kittens!