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Fresno Promotional Products

Fresno promotional products come in all shapes and sizes, from wine totes to hand sanitizer to t-shirts promoting the top films from the annual Fresno Film Festival and the Reel Pride Film Festival. Fresno, which is centrally located in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, is part of the second largest metropolitan area in the Central Valley with a population of over 900 million and has a long, dynamic history that dates back to and beyond the days of the California Gold Rush. Today, Fresno and the surrounding area is a center for medicine, education, and tourism.

Fresno for Tourists

Fresno's central location in Fresno County, between Los Angeles and Sacramento, places the city within comfortable proximity to several of California's major urban and and recreation areas. Souvenires are often decorated with images of nearby national parks, including Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park, all located within 75 miles of Fresno's city limits. Fresno proper is also itself home to a public park system that includes three large parks. Visitors to North Fresno will find Woodward Park, which features the Shinzen Japanese Gardens. Roeding Park near Downtown Fresno hosts the Chaffee Zoological Gardens, where locals and tourists alike can purchase gifts in the form of stuffed animals, magnets, glassware, and more. Finally, historically-oriented Kearney Park near Nevills and the Fresno Chandler Executive Airport hosts the Civil War Revisited reenactment and inspires a number of Civil War-related items.

Fresno for Annual Events

Fresno hosts a wide variety of annual events year-round, many of which are nationally and internationally renowned and draw visitors from all over the world. The Fall Wine Cornucopia, for example, is the San Joaquin Valley's premier wine exhibition, uniting local wines, restaurants, art, and more with people from the Valley and beyond every year. Visitors can purchase promotional t-shirts, wine totes, and lanyards to commemorate their visit. The Miss California Pageant, a Miss America seed pageant, is held every year in Fresno as well. Ideal participants are expected to exhibit individuality, personal development, communication skills, and physical fitness. The Miss California is a nonprofit organization with a variety of fundraisers. Finally, Fresno has hosted the Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival for over 20 years, making it home to the sixth oldest gay and lesbian film festival in America. Every September, filmmakers and fans alike flock to the Tower Theatre and the Starline Lounge in Fresno's historic Tower District to enjoy five days of films that often never make it into the mainstream multiplexes, despite their artistic qualities and powerful messages. Dozens of receptions and parties are held to celebrate the event each year, where attendees receive favors and keepsakes.

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