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Did you know that the city of Indianapolis, the home of Indianapolis promotional products, is located in the exact center of its state of Indiana? Often termed "The Crossroads of America" the city also lies at the heart of several inter-state highways creating a network of roads that connect outside its Marion County borders to Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Louisville and St. Louis. This has also helped the growth of the greater Indianapolis area especially in nearby Hamilton County, Hendricks County, and Johnson County. But there is a lot more that is unique about Indianapolis aside from the features of its geographical location and those that live in the area love to display their proud homage to their city! From its rich cultural heritage to its enthusiasm for certain sporting events, this Midwest metropolis certainly boasts plenty to promote and you can do so with your own custom products celebrating this great city.

Indianapolis and the Indy 500

The biggest and most popular sporting event that takes place in the city each year is the Indianapolis 500 - an automobile race held every Memorial Day weekend since 1911 and, of course, a major source for tons of custom souvenires and gifts. It takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a two and a half mile course constructed in 1909 (which is actually located in an area called Speedway, Indiana, an enclave of Indianapolis within Marion County that is named after the course). With a permanent seating capacity for more than 257,000 people and infield seating that can raise the capacity to approximately 400,000, it is the largest and highest-capacity sporting facility in the entire world - with plenty of room for visitors from Hamilton County, Hendricks County, Johnson County and more. The race, the speedway itself, and the town of Speedway are all huge sources for race related keepsakes. You can even find customized products like Hot Wheels cars designed as replicas of racecars driven in the actual Indy500!

Indianapolis and the Cultural Districts

Aside from its rich history in racing, Marion County also prides itself on its cultural heritage and has six different cultural districts that are each a source of arts, entertainment, and unique items. One of these districts is Broad Ripple Village. Broad Ripple Village is home to a large number of Indianapolis' premiere art galleries, restaurants, and nightspots that line the Village's streets. You can also find novelty items printed with Broad Ripple Village's vibrant logo and their motto: "We're open if you are." Each of the six districts - Massachusetts Avenue, Fountain Square, Wholesale District, Canal and White River State Park, Indiana Avenue, and of course Broad Ripple Village - each have their own uniquely designed logos and taglines. Each one has different special features. The Canal and White River State Park, for example, features the Indianapolis Zoo, and Massachusetts Avenue is home to the Rathskellar Restaurant, the city's oldest restaurant that is still in operation today!

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