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Long Beach promotional products can be found throughout this city in the heart of Southern California from its port off the Pacific to Coto de Caza in neighboring Orange County. It can be thought to have a little something for everyone whether that is vintage shopping down the avenues of the 4th Street Corridor or enjoying a relaxing gondola ride through the romantic canals of Naples. Whether you choose to go to the 4th Street Corridor or to Naples, or wherever, just make sure you choose to pick up some Long Beach souvenires along the way.

Long Beach: Celebrate Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

Long Beach is actually a part of Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the US, and the city itself is the second largest in the Los Angles metropolitan area. Within this large population lie many culturally diverse communities. According to a report by USA Today in 2000, Long Beach was actually named the most ethnically diverse large city in the United States. It is home to the second largest Cambodian community outside of Asia in the neighborhood Cambodia Town, or what is also known as Little Phnom Penh. Cambodia Town has many Cambodian restaurants and shops where you can find unique Cambodian items. Los Angeles County once had a sizable Japanese American population too which largely worked in the fish canneries on Terminal Island, though after World War II they were forced to go elsewhere. Long Beach is also known to have a large LGBT community. The Broadway Corridor business district in Alamitos Beach, located in the southern part of Long Beach has many well-established gay bars and gay-owned businesses. It is also the site of the Long Beach Pride Parade, the third largest annual Gay pride celebration in the US. You can be sure to see custom products throughout Alamitos Beach during this time each year celebrating this open community.

Long Beach and the Arts

The East Village in downtown Long Beach is home to a mix of different cultures as well as different shops that sell everything from designer denim to used books. The East Village is also the city's arts district, so one can also find work from Southern California artists in galleries around the neighborhood. Visitors can also participate in the 2nd Saturday Art Walk that features art receptions and special events in the different shops and galleries around the East Village the second Saturday of every month. Aside from the visual arts, one can also experience sound art each year during Soundwalk, a one-night event of sound installations and sound art performances by over 35 local and international renowned sound artists. Additionally, In what is known as the Eastside of Long Beach (not to be confused with the East Village) visitors can find products celebrating the culture of hip hop. Eastside is associated with many rap artists, most notably Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Liom) who grew up here.

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