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Item# 1035-81

Average: 4.0

Bristol Twist Executive Pen Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating 5-Stars
BY: Carmela .
Hi quality....turned out beautiful! The pens are sturdy and very elegant, especially with the laser engraving. Everyone was surprised at how nice they came out and especially pleased with the turnaround time for production and delivery. I use Pinnacle Promotions regularly for my department accessories and have always been pleased.
5 out of 5

4-Star Rating Clean lines with smooth writing quality
BY: Heather L.
Good pen at a great price!
4 out of 5

3-Star Rating Average quality pen and engraving
BY: Nilson .
Pen is of average or slightly above average quality- something that you wouldn't be afraid of presenting to customers and having it fall apart within a day; but nothing that anyone would fret about losing. The laser engraving is subtle, so if you want something that will contrast with the silver pen; you may want to chose another option vs. the laser. Overall, its acceptable and depending on your budget; I'd recommend it.
3 out of 5

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