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Item# PL-8201

Average: 4.0

Photo Coaster Set Product Reviews

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4-Star Rating Nice product - needed time to remove photo
BY: Harriet .
They are nicely packaged and the case is very nice. They had the same photo in each coaster - a kid in a tie-dyed t-shirt. We replaced him with our logo.
4 out of 5

4-Star Rating Great Product Your Clients Will Actually Use
BY: Leslie W.
We ordered 100 units of these products as holiday gifts for our clients. The coasters are truly heavy, substantial glass, so we were very impressed that not one single piece was broken. We slid a business card into one of the coasters, but otherwise we decided to let the logo on the holder speak for itself so our clients could enjoy putting their own family photos in the coasters. Our only complaint is that the little metal plate that is engraved with your company logo actually comes gold/brass colored, whereas the product picture indicated it would be silver tone.
4 out of 5

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