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Item# 14000

Average: 4.7

Scent-Sational Grip Promotional Pen Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating 5-Stars
BY: Kimberly .
Fabulous! Weight is nice, writes well, and the coconut lime smells great!
5 out of 5

5-Star Rating Attention-getting Pen!
BY: Karen .
This scented pen goes over great at trade shows--people LOVE that they are scented! Great idea Pinnacle Promotions!
5 out of 5

5-Star Rating Fantastic
BY: Christie .
We were very impressed with your products. We didnt even know that the pens we ordered were scented and the artwork on them were fantastic.
5 out of 5

5-Star Rating 5-Stars
BY: Tammy .

5 out of 5

5-Star Rating Excellent Pen! Lovely Scent!
BY: Susanne .
The imprint came out precisely as I wished and the cider scent is yummy. Pen writes smoothly and is comfortable to hold. Can't wait to give them away. :)
5 out of 5

3-Star Rating small print
BY: Robert .
I thought the print would be larger,can barely read it. It's not like the picture. My first choice I ordered was unavailable, so I had to settle for 2nd.
3 out of 5

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