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Item# SM-4127

Average: 4.0

The Collins Promotional Pen Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating Great "print" space
BY: Gael .
This hefty pen has a lot of room for your message! It writes well, the ink doesn't skip and it feels good in the hand. It fit my needs perfectly.
5 out of 5

5-Star Rating Perfect!
BY: Kendra B.
My organization loves these pens. They are a great quality for the price, and look very professional. Too many times we have opted for cheap pens, which then broke immediately or just looked terrible. These pens are perfect, and we will most likely order them again!
5 out of 5

2-Star Rating Want your company to look cheap?
BY: Meredith .
I was so excited for my pens, but when they arrived I was more than disappointed. Cons: pens were broken/falling apart during shipping, the logo was nicked and scratched off on the majority of the pens, the grip is cheap, the pens are flimsy and over all very, very cheap.
Pros: 2 stars because they write well and because customer service was amazing. I shipped them back for a full refund.

2 out of 5

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