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Item# PL-0466

Average: 4.8

Promotional Sticky Book Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating 5-Stars
BY: Jeffrey .
This has been a hot item! The logo imprint on the yellow sticky book is a nice touch.
5 out of 5

5-Star Rating Pretty Solid!
BY: Gaelina .
So we just got our notebooks in and it is a pretty solid notebook. The color quality is very nice and it looks very professional and well made. I am quite pleased with our selection.


5 out of 5

5-Star Rating By (buy?) the book
BY: Peter .
Quality product, affordable price, fast turnaround...all things I experienced when purchasing this item. But what really stood out was the excellent customer service when a printing problem was noticed on the already delivered pieces. Pinnacle corrected the problem and shipped new product in time. This first time buyer quickly became a valued customer.
5 out of 5

4-Star Rating Cute and Useful
BY: Valerie .
The sticky books are quite cute and immediately useful; brought a smile to the folks who attended our annual meeting. I thought the font size used on the book's title was too small, and our logo was also reduced in size to be too small, so if I order them again I will ask the size of both the font in the title and the logo be increased.
4 out of 5

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