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Average: 4.5

Aluminum Bike Bottle - 25 oz. Product Reviews

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5-Star Rating 5-Stars
BY: Brandy .
Great job on products and delivery on time. We will be ordering next year
Also I would like some quotes on some rsi the shirt and polos

5 out of 5

5-Star Rating 5-Stars
BY: Adrian .

5 out of 5

4-Star Rating Good looks, education to use
BY: Jenna .
We recently ordered these custom bottles. They look great, the wrap logo gives great space for advertisting. The problems we have found are the flip straw is Extremely difficult to flip up to drink out of! Also, you must not tighten the top all the way or you can drink out of the bottle, the straw hits the bottom and you can't get water out. The handle is nice. Note: if you drop one, they do dent and the handle can pop off pretty easily (it does get reattached just as easily though).
4 out of 5

4-Star Rating 4-Stars
BY: Andrea .
The water bottles looked great! We were extremely happy with the product.
4 out of 5

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