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Promotional Items for Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Monday, July 1st, 2013

First came table manners and social graces and now, cell phone courtesy. This new form of etiquette for the generation of the great-great-grandchildren of Emily Post has prompted a code of behaviors, and with it, a month of recognition. First observed in 2002, the month is meant to encourage cell phone users to be more mindful of how their call behavior can affect – and greatly annoy – the people around them. Guidelines range from not having private conversations in public places, to using a soft conversational tone, to using caution when talking on the phone while driving - basic rules that many already know, but seem to ignore. You can click here for a complete list of cell phone etiquette tips by Jacqueline Whitmore, founder and director of The Protocol School of Palm Beach and the originator of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

In honor of Cell Phone Courtesy Month, why not create an advertising campaign with the use of promotional cell phone accessories to market your brand, and hopefully, cell phone etiquette.  

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