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Promotional Items for Christmas

Friday, December 25th, 2020

The melting pot of religions and ethnicities around the world makes it difficult to customize promotional products during the holiday season. However, just being mindful of the traditions and history related to each specific holiday can show customers and employees that you have taken the time to become informed about their backgrounds.

The formal selection of the date December 25th as Christ’s birthday was not made until 320 A.D. by Pope Julius, centuries after Christ’s actual birth. The date chosen is traditional, and not necessarily Jesus’ true birthday. The holiday went through periods of recognition and banishment until Queen Victoria and Prince Albert popularized its celebration in Britain in the 19th century. Modern Christmas traditions include exchanging gifts, attending religious services, decorating Christmas trees with lights and ornaments, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Santa, or Father Christmas, is a mythological icon thought to deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve.  

This Christmas give a gift to your customers, one that they can use and will appreciate the whole year long.  Promotional products are a perfect way to spread the holiday cheer.  From unique desk sets to functional and stylish executive gifts, promotional items are sure to fulfill all of your client’s holiday dreams.

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