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Promotional Items for Rubber Eraser Day

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Yes, we all make mistakes from time to time, so where would we be had it not been for the invention of the rubber eraser? Well we would certainly be without Rubber Eraser Day each April 15, which celebrates the creation of this invaluable product. On this day in 1770, an English man named Joseph Priestly created the very first eraser upon discovering that pieces of a tree resin imported from Brazil had the ability to “rub” out marks from black lead pencil, thus originally dubbing erasers, “rubbers” – as they are still called in England today. (Mr. Priestly also happens to be credited with the invention of soda water and the discovery of oxygen, having isolated it in its gaseous state.)

In honor of Rubber Eraser Day and the invention of the rubber eraser, that has most likely saved you countless hours of work by being able to eliminate errors without having to completely redo any work in which you have erred, supply your employees and client with promotional erasers to save them time too! You can find a variety of rubber erasers in our School Supplies category available in different shapes, sizes and colors. This Eliminator Eraser would make a great product to celebrate Rubber Eraser Day, and promote your brand!

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