Custom Tumblers - From the Boardroom to the Gym

With their portability and convenience, custom tumblers offer an ideal way to engage in passive advertising for your business or company. From coffee mugs for corporate offices to sports bottles for outdoor events, drinkware in general is one of the most popular promotional product categories as it can be marketed to a wide range of audiences, and tumblers capitalize on this fact with the ability to contain hot or cold beverages, and to be used in one place or on the go. There is practically no event, meeting, business or sporting event where they will not be welcomed by recipients and they can be considered an important tool in the devices an individual can use to get their brand in front of customers.

Ranging from fun, bright colored recycled plastic models to sleek, stainless steel and even those with removable leather wraps, there are styles available in today's market that can suit any business and their marketing needs. Many items have features such as double wall construction or foam insulation to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. They often have a rubberized, skid proof bottom to ensure they remain in place and some have sleek, curved designs for a natural grip. Most items are amenable for today's cars because they are designed to fit in most cup holders, for those taking their drinks on-the-go. Plus they are designed with lids that close securely and many have locking closures to prevent spills. Of course there are many different sizes and colors to choose from too so purchasers can find the right one to fit theirs, and their recipients, specific tastes whether they need an elegant yet unobtrusive item that can be taken to boardrooms, or a durable, sporty product that is perfect taking to the gym.

One style that has risen to popularity in recent years are those that are designed to resemble disposable paper coffee cups or soda beverage containers. The coffee version is made of double wall ceramic with a silicone lid that even features the words "Caution Contents Hot." The alternate version for cold beverages is made of double wall acrylic with a matching screw-top lid and sip-straw. Either of these would be ideal as gifts for clients or giveaways at events. And as reusable alternatives to their disposable inspirations, they would be especially perfect for environmental marketing campaigns.

Remember, whichever custom tumblers you choose for your business, they will each help you to insert your brand into your recipients' daily lives when you customize them with your company's name and logo. Consider the fact that these glasses will be printed with the message you prescribe and you will see their residual advertising benefits for months and perhaps years to come.