Promotional Desk Organizers Do More Than Organize

When an organization distributes promotional desk organizers, they ensure that recipients will see their company name and logo multiple times per day. You don't have to take our word for it. Just think about how frequently you reach for a pen or pencil, a pair of scissors, or even a stapler throughout the day. Thus, keeping all of these items together in a desk organizer can help a recipient's desk stay neat and organized while promoting any advertising message. And, as they guarantee such high visibility, desk organizers are a great item for any organization looking for a high return on investment.

In fact, organizations in all industries can use promotional desk organizers to thank clients and employees and reach potential new customers as well. Large corporations, such as banks and other financial institutions, often choose sophisticated, leather desk organizers. These items are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, ranging from pencil cups and memo valets to desktop charging stations and magnetic memo boards. Purchasers can imprint their name and logo onto any of these leather desk organizers using an elegant debossing method to produce images that are both subtle and durable. The end result is a sophisticated desk organizer that makes a great corporate gift for top clients. Another idea is to give desk organizers as a welcome gift for new employees; they will keep them on their desk, allowing clients to see these items every time they come to the office for meetings.

There are also many more compact, more affordable desk organizers that make great giveaways for organizations with smaller budgets. For example, purchasers can find an array of plastic clips, calculators and desk caddies, sometimes for less than a dollar per item. One advantage of organizers made from plastic is that organizations have the ability to customize them in bright colors or in a hue that matches their logo. Thus, the plastic desk organizers make great teachers gifts and giveaways for others in the education industry, or even in the technology industry, where companies often want want to promote a young, fun image. And, you can screen print your logo onto these items, ensuring that recipients always remember who gave them such a handy desk organizer.

To extend the impact of your advertising dollars with smaller desk organizers, consider choosing a multifunctional accessory. In addition to serving as a desk caddy where recipients can place their office supplies, some desk organizers also feature picture frames, clocks, or notepads, making them highly practical items. Studies show that the more functional recipients find an item, the longer they will keep it and use it. Promotional desk organizers, in particular, are a practical item that never go out of style; as a result, recipients may use these branded products for years to come.

Unlike other items that have a short shelf life, desk organizers are durable items that organizations in all industries can use to promote their company and establish both customer and employee goodwill. That's because, whomever you decide to give these functional items to will surely appreciate the gift.